Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by closreange, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. It really is taking the p*ss. The Royal Hussars are forced to wear pink berets and the Army Dress Committee make the "Paras" wear pink berets. Don't they realise how embarassing it is for what are after all pretty good, steady, average infantry soldiers, to be humiliated in this way. I even heard someone call them "CAMPHATS" the other day. Its beyond a joke, especially when no member of the "Paras" would dream of being scornful about other people's headdress. Lets hope the word "CAMPHAT" doesn't catch on when describing the airborne brotherhood. I'm sure they'd take it in good humour, but it would still be pretty unkind. What about an ARRSE petition to the Army Dress Committee to persuade them to change the "Paras" berets to something less camp and more tactically suitable - maybe dark green, khaki or even dark blue wouldn't be as bad. Come on, stop giving our CAMPHATS a hard time. And please, please, please: dont call them CAMPHATS.
  2. I agree, even that's better than CAMPHAT! Glad you are in support.
  3. Is it a full moon tonight? If not can somebody do a bed check on the mongs, one appears to have escaped and gotten onto matrons computer.
  4. Interesting choice of avatar seeing as you spend most of your posts slagging off the paras.

    Going for the fastest ever O2 tag?

    And even if I've been wah'd, I don't care because all your posts are drivel.
  5. O2 tag?
  6. Wah shield on....

    look it up you pointless arrse

    Wah shield off
  7. well the fella did put it in the naafi..... safety off.... wah on....
  8. No time too busy winding people like you up. I assume you were/are RH?
  9. To reiterate...

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  10. Go on, keep feedin'. What else is there to do back here in the chateau?
  11. 21 posts in one day would do it, especially when they read this dull. Where do people get the time to post 21 snippets in one day? Even if I had the whole day off, my net connection isn't fast enough.

    That reminds me - I need to feed the hamster.
  12. Any chance of a spot of training. how do you make your posts so interesting? Not dull at all.
  13. Any chance of some photos of your dad in his underpundies?
  14. He probably doesn't wear any Sluggy. Who can afford to these days? :oops: