Camper van shower tray help

Discussion in 'DIY' started by brettarider, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Gents,
    Looing for some idea's changing the layout of the campervan just now and wont get the shower tray from the caravan I'm using into the layout as I've got about 4.5ft left till the end of the van. I've still to get a rasied double be into that space as well planning on it being about 4ft above the floor.

    Now I'm prepared to loose about a 1-1.5ft from the bed to accomodate the shower, Any idea's on what to use for the floor? Doesn't need to be a caravan shower tray just something around 500mm width it can be a bit longer if needed. My plan was to cut down the shower tray floor and use some perspex that I can lay my hands on and silicone it around the floor.

    Any other ideas?
  2. Sinks and Shower Trays -

    If you come to Hull let me know we can do Kafee Klatch
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  3. Brett I cut mine down, then used sikaflex marine sealant 291 to reseal the cut end with a section of fascia board, still waterproof and aesthetically pleasing 3 years later. Make the join on the door way end of the tray and no one will notice its not a full tray.
  4. MiT,
    Looking to see if there's other options if possible pref next to no cost cause I'm skint
  5. Even if you don't have an off cut of fascia board, and some good sealant you should be able to sort it for under a tenner.
  6. wet room flooring vinyl - Google Search

    Make your own little wet room, I don't know how it's worked, as I was only involved in the plumbing side of disabled wet- rooms, but it was good gear.

    I think you had to put in angle beads around the edges to form an upstand, then you can use some type of pvc sheeting to form the walls.
  7. Caravan breakers?
  8. Cheers TT,
    Looking to get it cut square around the plug hole then box it in and use some perspex to act as the side wall if that makes sense unless someone has any other ideas?
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    as long as the box it sits in is sealed properly then any vinyl, textured floor will work or even plywood you could even use floor paint to seal it if you put plenty of layers on and use sand as the grippy bit.

    you could also make your own resin one using that casting stone they use in garden ornaments.
  10. There is a Caravan Spares/Breakers less than a mile from where I'm sitting now.
    What size approx are you looking for?
    Bear in mind that if it's for a Caravan/Camper the price will be premium, always the
    same, mate.
    Send your requirements and I'll go down now. PM your mobile and I'll give you a bell
    if there is anything suitable.......but it will cost!
  11. 5mm WALL PANEL & CEILING PANEL WHITE EACH PACK HAS 5 PANELS EACH 20CM WIDE ... 2.7M LONG .... EACH PANEL IS 5mm THICK .. TONGUE AND GROOVED : ex Amazon and surplus to job this is going buckshee if its any good to you - Edinburgh

    Edit not really surplus but twat of a chippie let me down ad job never got off the ground collect it if you want it
  12. Is it plastic? If So I'll take off your hands if you dont mind!
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  13. some sort of plastic/ formica type sheet PM me for rest of the crap and address its still buckshee and needs a home
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  14. No problems mate it's yours (PM sent)