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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by chocolate_frog, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. For the end of my 22, me and the frau are considering either purchaing or hiring a camper van.

    We're looking at a large one, say 6 berth. With a little car towed behind...

    I can't find anywhere that rents them though?

    Any ideas?

    Any suggestions on which we could buy?

    We'd either be renting on ein UK, Aus/NZ or Can/USA, with excursions on a canal boat...

    or buying one, so we can live in it until we find a house afterwards...

    Kit storage is squared away, one iso in a family members field with everything we want to keep.

    So any ideas for hiring such a combo? campervan and car.
  2. Trailfinders the Travel Experts
    I can't imagine you'd get a car towed behind or need one, Canada is dead easy to drive around and has little traffic, we hired using Trailfinders and had a great time.
    You'll find free municipal campsites, just in a wood, maybe has a toilet and some bins, picnic tables and a fire pit, BBQ.
    Stay on the campsites to empty your toilet.
  3. A few companies in USA, Aussie & NZ, but you may know that already.
    If you buy in the UK you are looking at £30-40k+ even for a 2nd hand decent one!!
    Google is a good start, but try the Caravan & Camping Club too in the UK.
    Campers really hold their value at the moment.
    Good luck!
  4. That's pretty much what I was planning on jarrod...

    the little car is for when we are in UK.

    I've got a camper at teh moment, and it can be a fcuker when we're in the cuds for getting in to some places.

    Still plenty of time for plotting :D

    PA tried google, but unless tehre is a special name for teh vand and car combo it doesn't look like it can be hired.
  5. We hired a small camper in NZ a couple of years back. Brilliant cheap as chips campsites, most had accommodation available as well. Most hirers have small vehicles, some obviously have larger stuff as well. I can find the details if you want, the company were good. We had an issue with the van, and they drove halfway down the south island to swap it.
  6. Oh, forgot.

    We've been saving for quite some time, so the plan is a exploration of several areas...

    Phase 1. -UK and Europe by campervan

    Phase 2. UK by canal boat

    Phase 3. USA/Can or NZ/Aus by campervan

    Phase 4. TBC bit of sea kayakign/open canoeing around Scotland/Wales. (This I'm sorted at, Canoe Instruct level 3 in both).

    obviously this is very sketcy at teh moment.

    UK/Europe will be the biggest chunk.
  7. The 'A' frame is OK for the UK but abroad you'd need a trailer I'm sure.
    If you were going to Canada you'd not need a car, the roads have trucks with two trailers, you can get anywhere with a motorhome. Most of the sites have pitches where you can drive in forwards and drive out forwards. You can empty the toilet on the pitches, they're all fully serviced pitches.
    R.Sinanout has recently come back from NZ.
    You may wish to join the camping group on here, PM 'Legs'.
  8. If you are going to use it in not repeat do not buy anything american, they are over engined poorly made sheds which most sites wont allow in anyway, look out for something in the autotrail or swift range, and watch e-bay regulary for an insight into the price range, you're looking £25.000 for base price, anything under that will be very basic or suspect, a good tip if you are buying is buy with your nose, if ther is the slightest smell of damp ...walk away.

    just noticed you are renting and not buying,
    so disregard my post as bollicks then.
    american vans are still shyte though.
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  9. There are a couple of ideas. There are loads of companies that hire canal boats they are quiet expensive to hire and if you are going to buy one they range hugely in price.
  10. Good site I've used is []. We've booked an RV for 10 days in Canada this summer with them, but be aware that, as it gets nearer the prices are going up (or at least the discounts & 'specials' are disappearing). They are UK agents for about 6 or 7 rental companies in the US/Canada, and strangely enough the prices are no different (or very similar) to renting direct. We rented direct from [] last year and they were excellent. We had gone with them the year before through motorhomebookers, but went directly to them that time. This year we're going with Go west/owasco through motorhomebookers, as it was the best deal on what we wanted (pick up Vancouver, drop off Calgary). I was going to go through Canadream, but my dithering resulted in the quote going up by about $900 in 6 weeks.
    We tend to pre-book into campgrounds, as they can fill up quickly (which reminds me, haven't booked them yet!). The best ones have full hookup (elec/water/waste), but are the most expensive. Even if they are full, there should always be overflow campgrounds nearby.
  11. I hired from Vancouver and if you should go you must go here:- Grouse Mountain - The Peak of Vancouver you'll need to book it's fantastic.
    Get your food before you leave civilisation as you could be a long time between any towns/shops/villages. Carefully plan your route as somedays i'd driven 8 hours and was knackered and we thought we'd planned well, all automatic though, loads of grunt which you need for some of those hills.
  12. Thanks for that, I'll check it out. We've done Calgary/Banff/Jasper etc a couple of times, but this is the first time in vancouver.
  13. Vancouver is fantastic, great restaurants, micro breweries, friendly people. Stanley park is massive, go whale watching, visit gas town. It's also warmer we'd some fantastic meals but the Observatory I'd say was the best meal I've ever had. You have to go up the cable car after a taxi ride and it faces the city. It's great to arrive before dusk and see the city all light up.