Campbeltown sails for the last time

Navy News 31 Mar 2011 said:
THERE is the very last chance to see HMS Campbeltown sail under the White Ensign this afternoon as the frigate returns to Plymouth to pay off. The frigate is due to enter Plymouth Harbour around 2pm today, flying her decommissioning pennant and escorted by patrol boat HMS Raider...
RN website 30 Mar 2011 said:
On her last day working in the Navy’s exercise areas south of Plymouth, HMS Campbeltown was able to provide assistance to distressed mariners.

A young family in a motorboat had lost power and were being set onto the rocky shore surrounding the Mew Stone. Alerted by Brixham Coastguard, the Devonport-based Type 22 frigate sprinted to aid the stricken vessel, which was taken under tow by one of the ship’s two embarked rescue boats. The relieved family and their boat were then handed over to the Plymouth inshore lifeboat for the latter stage of their return to safety...

Late that same night, HMS Campbeltown was visiting Falmouth when a member of the crew, Able Seaman Richard ‘Tab’ Hunter made a further bold rescue, jumping into the sea to save a young woman who had plunged from the town quay...

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