Campbell has sacked it


One down, not opening the Krug yet, I'm saving that for a "special" individual

But Campbell, is certainly worth a couple of cans of Stella

Funny, it's been overcast here all day, as soon as the news of Campbell was announced, the sun came out.

I feel better already


My second celebratory pint sliding down nicely. Saving the Bolly for News at Ten. Havn't stopped smiling and the sun came out up here too.

Love to be a fly on the wall in Tony's Den right now
Gents, keep that Krug on ice - a slippery tip rat like Buffhoon won't jump, he'll have to be pushed, so you may have to wait for the cabinet reshuffle in the autumn before the bubbly flows.

On the plus side, even the press have recognised how absurd the situation is when such a gutless individual is Sec Def - he can't last too much longer. (Waaaahheeeeeey!) 8)
YES at last, 1 down at least 1 more to go.

Alastair Campbell is to resign as the Government's director of communications and strategy, Downing Street has confirmed.

No date has been set for his departure and his successor has not been named, Number 10 has said.

No mention has been given for his decision to go, I wonder why.
No he certainly wasn't a bad lad, according to Andrew Marr , the BBC's political weasel. He delivered so stunning and eloquent a eulogy to Campbell on the 10 o' clock tonight , I damn near opened the Bubbly,thinking Campbell had taken the Downing St. Webley for a walk.

Of course, I suppose it has nothing to do with where Marr's wife works (allegedly)

Good riddance, let's hope the rest of the rats are peering over the taff rail.
Good luck to him. Doubtless now we'll have all the crackpot theorists and conspiracists reading into his departure the behind-the-scenes reasons for his leaving. He has in fact been an outstanding example of how a political party has to defend itself against biased and offensive media attention. It's the press and television that are out of control, not New Labour. And I say that as being in no way a Labour supporter.
Alex, UK

Fcuk my old brown boots lolololololololololololol

Why is it, everytime Bluppet is criticised on Have your say, the Labour brownshirts steam straight onto the site, and start posting support?


PartTimePongo said:
Why is it, everytime Bluppet is criticised on Have your say, the Labour brownshirts steam straight onto the site, and start posting support?
Such cynicism ...... :roll:
I am just a product of the cynical times we live in Jake :D
Read in the paper the other day that Campbell's other half (who is also resigning) is on an official salary. Pleeeease don't tell me that this is true. It's bad enough that the Pres has a Spin Dr paid for by the taxpayers, but I really need to be reassurred that his wife, an unelected, interfering embarrasment doesn't have one too. :evil: :evil:

Money spent by this Government on presentation could be better spent on other things. :) :)

Like subsidising Army skiing and sailing. :D :D

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