Campbell elected leader of the Liberal Democrats

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by castlereagh, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Finally a leader of political party who actually looks like one.
    May actually reconsider my stance on the Lib Dems.

    From the BBC
  2. He is a Jock and therefore the Liberals are unelectable in my mind. I hope the bl''dy East Lothian question is raised again and again in this and the next Parliament and finally settled (to my satisfaction!). Sorry for the rant...............
  3. They are a very odd bunch and I shan't be voting for them. Mr. Campbell seems a nice enough bloke, but PM? Er, no.

    Having said that, I think the other lot (x2) are a very odd bunch and chances are I shan't be voting for them either. Or indeed anyone else, unless CAMRA stands a candidate locally.

    But seeing as I really like nuclear power stations I shan't be voting for the Lib Dems the most.
  4. So back stabbing by proxie really does work then...... In recent years the Lib Dems have only had one good leader worth the title and Sir M' aint the one.

    I for one will never vote for them with him in charge.
  5. What does our resident 'liberal' think on this, or is he out toasting Ming's success?
  6. Agent, thanks made me chuckle

    Do you think Ming gets a pay rise for this? I had a quick look at the parliament web site and I can see that the leader of the opposition gets more money but I can’t see anything extra for the 3rd party leader. Perhaps this is why the last guy who had the job had to demean himself on all those chat shows to get the extra cash to fund his drink problem.
  7. Hardly a surprise that he got elected; all he had to do was stay in a darkened room and watch all the other contenders self-destruct.
  8. I wonder if the blood's dried on the dagger yet?

    The Liberal Democrat Scottish play
  9. I take it your not a ming man? :D

    Best of a bad bunch i would say...

    Bring back Paddy and i would start to have a minute amount of respect for them. Till then ... :wink:
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    What one's that? Where would you rather live, Tranent or Haddington?
  11. All I remember about Paddy Ashdown was the Nom de Guerre 'Paddy Pants Down' and thats about it. :twisted:

    Campbell has gravitas and I think as leader of the party, his patrician air will definitely appeal too many people - including the young.
    Personally I am fed up with political leaders trying to promote, a matey/family image - your job as a politican is to work for the public good and look like you could manage affairs of states. Kennedy never really had that image imho it was hard to square the image of a serious politician with that of 'chat show Charlie'.
    Cameron's blairite image is just plain gut wrenching - so I think that Campbell could provide a fresh alternative to the status quo.
  12. Here is a thought: why don't the Liberal Democrats go back to classical liberal principles rather than this god awful mix of economy-destroying tax-and-spend socialism, Green leftism, and hippy-arrsed American "liberalism"? the party's name does seem to be a touch misleading now, does it not?
  13. A 62 year old leader- that's certainly the way forward. Whenever I see this bloke, I always think of Widdicombes liking of Michael Howard to the Prince of Darkness and think that it would fit Minger better.
  14. Still , we might pull in some votes from Para Reg. members past and present now.
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Or make it an even more difficult one such as is Musselburgh in East or Mid Lothian?

    To enlighten our Mad colleague it is the West Lothian question so named because it was raised by the MP for West Lothian - Tam Dalyell of the Binns.