Campbell barracks hohne

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Russell_Sprout, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, Strange request but does anyone know if the wreck of a Churchill AVRE is still rotting away down by the washdown?


  2. which washdown....
  3. It's been a few years since i left, but i remeber it being in the bottom left hand part of the camp as you come down from the main gate area. Think the wash down was just some high pressure hoses in a bay near the servicing sheds. Just making enquiries for a museum.

  4. Would be by the servicing bay and POL that direction
  5. which museum are you working for.... :)
  6. I help out at a small airfield museum in Lincolnshire and restore military vehicles as a hobby, strange hated doing it for a fulltime job. A few of us are toying with the idea of restoring, ideally a Churchill AVRE as a running memorial to wartime armoured engineers. Surprisingly there are still a few knocking about, so we are just looking into the possibility of finding a suitable vehicle for restoration before they are neglected for a few more years and it's too late.
  7. Thanks for helping us preserve our heritage as armoured engrs.
  8. 7 armoured workshop reme dragged one out of a hole on one of the d-day beaches back in the 70 s,restored it and then replaced it back in normandy.
  9. I've seen the DDay ones, they were knocked out in the early stages of the invasion. They were nicely restored in the 1970's after they had been relocated, as they were pushed into the sand dunes and covered over. Unfortunately the years in the open and sea water is slowly destroying them. Time the French government found some cash to bring them inside.......
  10. Actually, a Churchill AVRE '1C' still resides on Leon sur Merre (sp*) which was Gold beach or Juno beach-anyway it was supporting the Canadians when it slid into a crater, so ended up being used as a pier for an SBG (small box girder bridge) by another AVRE :!:
    It is refurbished every couple of years by 26Armd Engr Sqn, I think it might be getting done again next year :D

    Oh and Ive never seen an old Churchill kicking about in Hohne...HTH
  11. spelling is poo poo...mmmmm...That AVRE at Lion-Sur-Mer isn't the one that was at Hohne.....there use to be one at Monkeylager with a dozer blade on it outside idea where it went mind....maybe someone else might be able to shed some light? :?
  12. The infamous "1 C" as mentioned previous....when recovered the remaining crew still alive were there to see it come out of a big hole it was used to fill during the invasion....still had some edible skoff on it as well..apparently (not that i was there
    The full story of how the AVRE ended up in the crater is covered in a book called "Dawn of D-Day" amongst many other stories covering various peoples experiences on the night and morning before, and during the invasion.
    Really enjoyable going down to Normandy to sort the old AVRE out and get some mingling and partying done with the locals :D :D
  13. I didnt say it was cloth ears.....however I DID highlight my poor spelling :!: :oops: :lol: :lol: :wink:
  14. Not sure where it went, but one of the layers of paint on it was mine.
  15. I left Hohne in 77,the AVRE was on a stand on the right as you drove from
    the main gate,opposite 32 Eng.square & the bottom end of the green from
    the NAAFI.
    I`ve looked at the camp on google earth,the camp is clear but there`s
    no sign of the AVRE.