Campaign to split UK may fuel race tensions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Campaign to split UK 'may fuel race tensions'
    Daily Telegraph
  2. Good topic, wrong time of day.
  3. I cannot see the possible independence of Scotland prodicing hatred of the two sides that enabled even the less extreme methods of the Yugoslavian breakup to take place. A few BNP types either side of the border might jump up and down but nothing worse, I would have thought.
  4. A breakup might actually reduce 'ethnic' tensions, the Scots and English would have less cause to resent each other. The Union Jack is, unlike the English flag, viewed as a fascist emblem by many minorities due to its association with the BNP/NF, etc.
  5. In that case we should make sure everybody knows that the Union Flag belongs to all of us and not a few nutters.

    And yes I am Scots.
  6. Personally I find Mr Philips remarks deeply offensive to suggest that I as a Scot would in some way become predudiced against the English because of talk of a change to the Act of Union. Perhaps I should complain to some equality wallah.

  7. Thinking more on the subject - Mr Phillips can go and fcuk himself!
  8. All for a split as long as each nation becomes responsible for funding itself.

    Of course, this might cause the Scots, Ulstermen and Welsh to perform a rapid about turn on the issue. What they really want is to live their dream of independence, but have England pay for it.

  9. It all depends on whose figures you choose to believe, there are several suggestions around these days which suggest that we Scots are paying for our scrounging mate down south. Now considering the reluctance of successive Westminster governments to the thought of independance perhaps there is some truth in this. Dear old Maggie was not known for her largesse towards any one she considered a scrounger.

  10. Maxi,

    Barnett formula is a key indicator of who receives what funding from the national pot. Not at simple as this, however, and I suppose the key question is "what is the relative contribution to GDP of each of the contributing members, and what proportion of GDP is then allocated to each of them?"

  11. Exactly and it depends on whom you listen to quite how the balance works out, and as I said the fact that Maggie did every thing to disuade the Scots from the independance route to my mind means that she saw a benefit for Westminster in retaining the Scvots revenues.

  12. "Perhaps it is not until you've had the experience of being told to get back where you come from (in my case, Finsbury Park actually), that you fully understand why an inclusive Britishness is so precious,"

    Ah, Mr P. has clearly spent a lot of time in Islington, La La Land and not other parts of the Union. Along with many others I have had the experience of being told (or had it heavily implied) that I should to get back where I come from (in my case, England actually) in Scotland and Wales.

    Which is rather more than slightly annoying as my wife is Welsh & both my parents are Scottish.

    The break up of the Union has long had the hidden agenda amongst Labour "thinkers" because it was part of their dream to reform (i.e abolish) the House of Lords by creating a House of Representatives in which "Representatives" of Regional Assemblies, the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament would hold forth.

    People in the North East voted "no" in a referendum on whether to set up an elected regional assembly. John Prescott admitted his plans for regional devolution had suffered an "emphatic defeat" (78%) against,(22%) for.

    "The North East public have answered in an emphatic way. I am a democrat and I accept that." said he. Oh really. That would be why the following bodies still exist eating up taxpayers money and with no plans to scrap them:

    East of England Regional Assembly
    East Midlands Regional Assembly
    London Assembly
    North East Assembly
    North West Regional Assembly
    South East England Regional Assembly
    South West Regional Assembly
    West Midlands Regional Assembly
    Yorkshire and Humber Assembly

    There was also a view held by some that it did not really matter because we are all serfs of the EU so if the UK got broken down into Regions directly accountable to Brussels so much the better because the UK parliament just got in the way.