Campaign to save the Union is lost

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pyianno, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. here's hoping him and call me Dave comment more until the referendum in 2014 :)
  2. Between them they represent good arguments against democracy.
  3. Sixty

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    On a somewhat related note, I was making my (slightly) merry way up George Street this afternoon and the Book Festival site in Charlotte Square had a demo outside from the Campaign for an English Parliament.

    I assume they were there because Brown was speaking but it was odd to see a big 'End London Rule' banner, several St George looky-likeys and a bloke dressed as a womble (or a crap polar bear) capering about outside.

  4. I really do try with my outfits you know. You're not making it any easier.
  5. What are the polls saying? 30% of Scots in favour of independence last time I looked. Seems wee Alex is doomed. Will he be brought to London for the chop just like Mel Gibson? Will he cry FREEDOM or EXPENSES as the axe falls?
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  6. If he loses the referendum, what becomes of him?

    The honourable thing would be to resign and withdraw from politics.

  7. He's desperately seeking a second question !