Campaign to get Labour out of office

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. I was reading the posts on here and it seems that a whole lot of you guys (and gals) would really love to get rid of labour (particularly Bliar and his cronnies)!!!

    Anyway, would it be against this sites principles to begin a campaign to get labour and Bliar out of power??

    As long as we kept it political (no slotting MP's!!! :twisted: ) im pretty sure that nothing bad will come of it? (IE no charge of treason!)

    anyway, im pretty sure there would be a large number of people who would be more than willing to start it up and put in the ground work.

    What do you guys think??

    Agent smith

    PS, i reckon some of you guys should run for MP as already trust you more than 99% of the elected scum!!
  2. Agent smith, you must be crazy. The only real life alternative to labour is the tories. Good god man, have you been asleep? Would you let that crowd of hilariously incompetent self abusers in again? Yes labour are a bunch of twats, yes they have largely betrayed their principles and yes they do wind the Army up something chronic. But just have a look at the alternative. The Tories are purely and simply the party for and of business and privelige. If you are a rich man, with no social concience, vote for them. If you aren't, don't.
  3. Thatll be me voting Tory then. :wink:

    At least if the Tories got a crack at the whip, it'll take them a few years to really feck things up to the extent of this bunch of dung trumpets have. And at least the govnt will actually be working for the good of the country, not just using the UK as a PR exercise for the colonial simian lovers across the pond.
  4. oh, sign me up for the tories

    not rich, but want to be :D
  5. Well, i think i would still prefer them to the sh1t pile that is labour and their principles.

    At least the tories had the interest of the country at heart (unlike the labour scum who seem to want to take it up the @ss from europe).

    They stand for liberty, independence, the right to choose, minimal interfernece from the govenrment (if that is possible) and the peoples right to live their lives as they see fit!! (Oh yeah and tend to be far better in supporting the forces, althought they too have made booobooos!!) :(

    LordFlashheart summed it up perfectly!!!!

    Lets just say, that whilst the tories are nowhere near perfect, they are a darn sight better than labour (who seem to want to drag down everyone into the same gutter!!). At least the tories believe that people who excel or work hard should be allowed to succeed rahter than be held back with the rest of society (such as bloody giro sucking chavs and druggies!!!)

    Rant over

    Agent smith!!!

    PS Im just so depressed cos i can see labour getting back into power just through that type of apathy (Oh we can possibly vote for the tories!! they are the riches party!! and we are good old working clsaa!!)

    Guess what, labour dont represent the working class!! They only represent their own interest (job promotion, pension, gratuities etcc!!!)

  6. I'd like to paraphrase 'Platoon' for you...

    Sheyit! It's all politics man, politics. The Labour man's always gonna sh#t on the army man. Always has, always will!

    Next time someone with a rosette knocks at my door, I'm going to do a 'Misery', and stuff him in a locked room until he writes an ending I actually like. Tossers.
  7. very true!!

    agent smith
  8. good definition of socialism:

    everyone does a fair share of the work, everyone gets a fair share of the rewards.

    (orwell - paraphrased)

    quote from Lenin:

    He who shall not work ((note - shall not, not can not)) shall not eat.

    I agree with youabout the subsidising of layabouts. As a tory, you have to do a complicated bit of mental gymnastics to say its bad to feed lazy poor people who have never done a stroke of work, but OK to inherit a fortune and pi$$ it up your whole life through.
    As a lefty (not necessessarsserily a labour supporter) you can just refer back to Lenins line; work or starve. That seems fine to me. Granted, that's not where labour are at though.

    I don't think Labour as they are incarnated right now could be accused of punishing those who excel or work hard. It's not as if there are high rates of tax for the rich, is it?

    But that, for us Reds, is part of the problem. You said it - labour don't represent the working class. I'm damn sure I don't know who they DO represent. But the tories are the enemy. They do not have the interests of anyone at heart. Mainly cos they don't have hearts, they have a diseased ball of pulsating black slime instead. And they smell.
  9. If the Labour Party is so hung up on cost cutting and saving then why on earth do they give money to long term jobless layabouts for which they get zero return from. Surely cutting out these refuse will save billions?
  10. 41% not high? (40% income + 1% NI) And then you pay 17.5% on the 59p you had left when you spend it, giving you 49.7p left, or a total of 51.3% tax. And that's if you don't spend it on booze, fags or petrol. Sheesh! What right do they have to more of a pound that you earn than you do?

    I also know of quite a few self-employed people who make lots of money. But, if they've made over a certain amount in any given tax year, they fall foul of a whole raft of Gordon's business taxes, and it becomes no longer worth their while to work for peanuts. So, they go on holiday for the rest of the year. Way to encourage people to be productive, guys! :roll:
  11. Dead right. There's 1500 jobs advertised in my local rag today. Can't find a job? My arrse. Get packing xmas pressies for my kids, on night shift, at £4.50 an hour, or starve. Easy choice chavvy boys.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Possibly because these h**ns they subsidise will vote them in again ?
  13. Steamy,

    As a fully reformed member of the working class, you can k*ss my arrse.

    Socialism was created by rich cn*ts to keep the workers in line.

    Capitalism is the way for those who have or come from nothing to overcome their background and move beyond their current status.

    Where the hell has socialism EVER created a better life for individuals?
  14. PY, how very true. And may I say, very deep in political thought. Certainly not your average 'man on the street's' view.

    It has been proved time and time again that socialism is against the fundamental basics of human nature. If you could make a system where everyone works the same for the same it might one day work. But while 'eveyone is equal, but some are more equal than others' still applies capitalism is the only system that rewards good ideas, good management and the calculated taking of risks. There are plenty of poor, working class people who have worked themselves out of the gutter. If not for themselves then at least for their offspring.