Campaign to get BFPO to amend address system

Done to death already but with a slight twist.

Yet again I have been tearing my hair out trying to explain to people that a BFPO address is in fact a UK address. Even more frustrating is trying to complete on-line registration forms AAARRRRSSSSEEEE

Got so hacked off that I decided to write to BFPO to find out why they can't sort this out.

I know that people use London + post code to get round this but is this official and if not why not?

Here is copy of the e-mail I sent and if any response is forthcoming then will post that as well.

I am currently based at a BFPO address and encounter the joys of trying get companies and in particular websites to accept a BFPO address. The main problem encountered as you will no doubt be aware is in completing electronic registration forms. Due to the fact that no County is used in our mailing address and that the BFPO Number is not recognised as a valid postcode, every form of electronic registering fails

As you will no doubt appreciate, this affects thousands of Forces personnel and their families that are living overseas. Furthermore, the electronic registering system that is used on the internet is used by tens of thousands of companies. In my opinion the easiest solution would be for BFPO to officially use a County and post code in their address line and have that information promulgated via MOD to the Forces that are deployed overseas.

A Coy
1 Whatever Regt
London (insert postcode)

By taking such action you would be saving the Forces community a huge sum of money in all the phone calls that have to be made to remedy this problem. From personal experience this is not cheap as all these calls are charged at International rates, regardless of the fact that it may be an UK freephone number.

I am intending to place a copy of this e-mail onto the well known Army website ARRSE.COM as this is a subject that has been mentioned at length on their forums. Additionally, I am contemplating writing to my MP to highlight this very problem as it has a financial impact on Forces personnel and their families who are posted overseas.

I am aware that many companies need to be educated as to what BFPO is and that you are not responsible for their registration systems. However, hopefully you will be able to take some action which would stop Forces personnel from being treated like 3rd class citizens when abroad.

I would be interested to know why this can not be achieved and if that is the case what can BFPO do to try and make their addresses more user friendly.

I await your response.

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