Campaign to Boycott the TV Licence

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Hootch, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Video p@sstake from Downfall is brilliant !!

    Tin foil hats on but full of good advice like:-

    2 - Implied right of access

    For some households, letters and visits are not an option. Fortunately, there is a way to stop TVL/BBC approaches. Although houses and flats are private property, there exists an "implied right of access" to enable postal deliveries, newspaper rounds, etc.

    This means that the pathway, doorbell and letter box may be used by visitors without the express permission of the owner. Invitiation to use them is implied. As a result of this, TVL/BBC can come up your path and ring your door bell. To prevent TVL/BBC approaching your property, write to them, stating that you have withdrawn their implied right of access.

    There is no need to indicate whether you have a television, and you do not need to give your name. You can withdraw access in the name of "legal occupier". That will (should) keep their employees away, but it will not stop the delivery of TVL/BBC letters, since it is the postman who uses your letter box. So, inform TVL/BBC that you consider their written contact as harassment.

    This combined approach - withdrawing the right of implied access and informing them that their actions are harassment - should prevent further contact. At least for a while.
  2. don't be a sponging pikey and pay your licence fee like a good citizen.
  3. Why should I have a licence for my T.V. ?

    I don't have one for my Bren Gun ! :D
  4. Excuse me, don't start using the sound advice given to those who do not own a television and wish to avoid the BBC hunting them down for criminals for a license that is not required for them as a way of avoiding having to pay for something you should have. Cheap skate cnuts.
  5. Why should you pay for a TV licence? It's no longer a public service broadcaster, it's a tacky organisation that panders to the lowest common denominator. It's not a TV licence anyway, as it's compulsory and deemed a criminal offence not to pay - that means it's a tax. Not only do we have to pay it, but we have to fund the tax collection mechanism. What a scam! Why should a public tax be used to fund something that does not provide value for the public? The BBC shows how little it cares for its public and how little it needs the money by paying £6M a year to that prick Jonathan Ross.
  6. Annoys me that I pay for a licence and very rarely watch BBC - The other channels do not charge!!

    Would be a better idea if you could purchase a top up card like a mobile phone. That way the BBC could see where they wasting money paying talentless Twa*s.

    Why should BBC have the monopoly on forcing an individual to pay a licence fee, because they own a TV ?
  7. I agreee, I remember being furious years ago as I refused to have a TV license as I just had my TV tuned into SKY, to only be told that the Government got involved and made SKY put BBC on there as a must have channel, meaning I have to pay for a channel I never fookin WATCH! IMO it's a fookin disgrace.
  8. Dry your eyes princess, it's only £100 odd quid a year to watch talentless cnuts promote talentless cnuts.

    Cheap at half the price....
  9. I pay for a license and I quite literally *never* watch TV! - bunch of cnuts.
  10. As do a lot of us I suspect.
  11. That is a different argument altogether, I don't think there should be a tv license myself, but at the moment there is and if you watch a live broadcast on your tv then you should pay for the license.
  12. I pay for a tv licence for my tv in my house. (Fair enough, my other half and our jam eaters watch the tv while I'm not there).

    What I object to is having to pay a tv licence for a tv in my room in the mess when I already pay for my licence at home. If I have a tv in every room in my house they are all covered by the one licence, if I then decide to take one down to the mess to watch 'educational' DVDs and don't even have an aerial then I am expected to have a tv licence for my room in addition to the one I already pay at home. Fcuking rip off.

    The BBC stopped being a public service broadcaster years ago and is now just an organisation that exists as the mouthpiece of the current government and the personal bank account of some of the most talentless arrseholes ever to darken the tv screens of this country.

    The sooner the tv tax is stopped and the BBC is made to pay its way the better.
  13. The problem is, the term TV lisence is misleading. You're not paying to watch TV. You're paying because you are FORCED to recieve BBC and have to pay for it whether you watch it or not.

    Non-Smokers don't pay tax on cigarettes,
    non-drinkers don't pay tax on alcohol,
    cyclists don't pay raod tax

    Why should someone that does not watch BBC pay for it?
  14. The TV license is a license required by the government for you to legally receive TV signals, not to watch a specific TV channel. The fact that the money raised by the license fee is used to fund the BBC, and you don't watch the BBC, has nothing to do with your need to pay for a license or not.

    In some countries, Germany for example, the TV and Radio License allows you or your household to use one TV and one Radio. If you want to use any more (TV in the kids room, TV in the bedroom, radio in the kitchen, radio in the car etc...) you have to pay an additional upgrade fee in relation to the additional receivers in the household. So, be happy that there is a single license fee for all your TVs and none for your radios in the UK (....Yet!)
  15. I believe readios used to require a licence!

    I'd rather have the option of BBC without the incessant breaks for adverts. Did you not notice in recent years these breaks have got longer and more frequent? Do you not recall ITV going for an ad break at a crucial point in an F1 race?

    Moreover, in between the dross, BBC does produce some quality TV. Or have you forgotten BBC 2's 'The Fallen' and, at the other end of the spectrum, 'Top Gear'?