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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by topgun2010, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I am currently in phase 2 training at Blandford, and thinking about unit postings...

    Does anybody know which units make up the Campaign Signal Regiment?


  2. You will find out soon enough. FFS if your in Ph2 then YOU should have a good idea as it is.Talk to some upgraders.
  3. It always facinates me why people when they either :

    a: Don't know the answer
    b: Can't be arssed to answer

    feel it necessary to post some drivel. If this guy had a good idea why post on here? He did say it was reference his posting so maybe he wants to know a bit more information about the units perchance. This is a bit of an old post but I'll attempt to answer anyway.

    Anyway, there are 5 CSRs;
    16 Sig Regt - Elmpt
    2 Sig Regt - York
    3 Div Sig Regt - Bulford
    21 Sig Regt - Colerne
    1 Div Sig Regt - Herford

    Appologies for inaccurate accronyms. All of these units' websites can be found on ArmyNET. Good luck with the posting preference
  4. hi, what is a campaign regiment? how offen will i be on tour if i was a one?
  5. Campaign Signal Regiments are units that rotate through sending a squadron out to provide the ICS, Comcen, Souter FP etc manning not already filled by the Brigade Signal Squadron.
    As for how often, every 2-3 years I believe. 3DSR covered between H13/14 and are due back out again for H18.
    No doubt someone will be along soon who could describe it better but that should give you the gist of it.
  6. Good answer above. If your Tp Cpls aren't giving you the info ask your trade instructors!

    What trade are you?
  7. Current tour interval for a CSR is 2 and a half years approx where as in a Bde you will be hitting a tour every 2 years.

    Hope this helps

  8. thanks for the info guys! much appreciated, dont suppose you have any info on 1 mech and 21 sigs do you?
  9. WHAT TRADE ARE YOU? Do you pick and choose what you read and listen to? Is this why you are the only phase 2 asking questions about units and tour time?

    Any phase 2 I speak to has a good idea of what the units do. It is when it comes down to your trade that the job may differ.
  10. 1 Mech Bde (215 Sig Sqn) based at Jellalabad Bks Tidworth, Hampshire - I spent 3 and a half years there and enjoyed the unit immensely they are due on Ops in 2013. They are work in Armour and provide Close support to 1 Mech Bde HQ.

    Tidworth is bleak but the unit is good the only place in the UK where you will get to manoeuvre armour is Salisbury plain and Tidworth sits right on it so you will get the chance to learn your job.
  11. how long ago were you there timebandit? was very rare (2-3 times a year at best) went onto the area when I was there recently. They have recently started their build up though so have been stepping up their training. (hopefully??)

    21 Sigs is a CSR based in Colerne near bath (which coincidently is an ace night out), not been posted there myself (been trying to get there for the last two postings without success) but heard mixed responses from people there - its what you make of it at the end of the day though! I believe they are out on tour at the moment, though correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Ive just done a tour as a CSR we had a sqn in Bastion providing comms support for JFCIS and us in Kabul doing a force protection and transport coy role.

    It was a good tour and got out a lot. We were basically a armoured taxi service but on QRF you got to go out on patrols and interact with the locals.

    The JFCIS side of things is the normal R Sigs stuff. CommCen and Ops room type if your a operator or Tech shite if your a Tech
  13. I was also at 1 Mech for over three years and loved it. I think they have got rid of the armour now though.

    you missed out on all the fun stuff dude. I spent 32 days living out of a a 436 in BATUS and countless times ragging those skips around the plain.
  14. This is a first. I don't think I've ever seen two people in the same 'room' together who enjoyed a tour of 1 Mech. I was there for two years and it was a shithole full of depressed soldiers being 'commanded' by ***** with no backbone, people skills or (most of them at least) the first clue about what they were doing.
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  15. See this sounds like 3 Div