Campaign help needed (I need photos) desperately

Hi all,
To help tug the old heart strings from Joe Public I am after a little help from people out there on tour.

what I am after is squaddies holding signs up saying things like...

"Why won't you deliver to us"
"BFPO users need post too"

Obviously I'm not the best person at putting slogans together so make signs up with whatever you feel suitable.

I'm currently creating a dedicated site for the campaign and will be putting one of the pictures on the home page and the rest on a different one.

Either post them on here or email them to me at
I'll change the title in a minute but the photos don't have to be from people on tour, it's just that they will get priority for the webs ite home page.

By the way, I need feedback on the campaign website as I need to get it sorted before an interview with the Sixth Sense newspaper on Tuesaday.

Please let me know what you think of it
If you are going to sign the petition though, please sign the one on postedoverseas until the official launch (link below)

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