Campaign for Was Mes Red Book


Make it up?????????????
Buy one on eBay????????

You know, you AMS officers are a Whizz!
By Jove you have it man!!!!!!!

Its taking so long because the extensive list of medals and courses are not complete, and they have had to order more paper!!


They really do not have any idea of where I went and what I did for 23 years!
Ladies and Gentlemen,

My thanks must go to the Civil Secretariat (Parliamentary Business) at Glasgow for sending me a letter this morning which contains hope of the arrival of my red book soon.

Thank you CP, VMA

I had a major problem trying obtain my red book, and even after 7 months of campaigning it had not arrived. I also tried the write to the MP thing it doesnt work.

This is eventually how i solved the problem.

Ring you RAO and get the phone number for Manning records, and specifically which chump he dealt with.
Ring direct to that person, he will say he is on the case now, but he wont be. Next ask for his manager, i spoke to a guy called Harold something or other, and gave him loads of crap, ringing him daily. I even addressed a 4 sided A4 letter to him, telling him how incompetant his staff are, and that for a certificate to be typed up by secutary for 4 weeks, i was asking if she was blind or using one of those needle things they tapeto there head to type.

I then followed this up, two days later, with ringing him direct stating no book had arrived, and asked for his bosses number.

I then started getting on this guys nerves, (turns out it was the head of section, or something) any way this started to work, as he called chump No2 in to find out what was going on, and allowed me to listen on the phone.
1 Week passes still nothing in the post, Phone call back the head boss complaining, and a invoice sent for all the phone calls of having to ring them, letter another letter to MP, Mod offices, containing all emails and telephones responses. Phone call back to head boss stating what you have done,with a threat of next step is to be campagining outside downing street with big signs, naked, and shouting 'whats the point in serving if you just get forgotten when you come to leave, also with threats of going to national newspapers.

1 day later Red book arrives.

Bit extreme i know but this was holding up my application for a residency visa for another country. Some times things call for drastic measures.

You have my admiration!

I have only been trying since July 2005, thats without the asking before I left.

I have either spoken to or written to:

Unit Admin office (Civilian and military clerks at HQ Unit and HQ AMD)
RAO (and at the time anyone else that would listen at the HQ)
Corp RSM (Good guy, tried to help, but they didn't respond)
Major - last OC (attached to her unit - nil help /response)
Lt Col (Good guy, tried to help - worked in same bulding)
Director General Army Medical Services (His Major got it wrong and sent me a letter which didn't look like he had read my letter)
Major at MCM Div (Good guy, tried to help)
Captain MCM Div (Told me to keep quiet and listen)
Minister for Veterans (No response)
Minister for Armd Forces (No response)
Prime Minister (Reply stated that this matter was passed to MOD 10 May 2006)
Letter FROM Civ Sec as Glasgow stating that by book 'should be with me in two weeks - Over two weeks ago.

At the end of the day I still feel that they could not give a dam about ex-soldiers / Veterans or what ever you wish to call us.

It seems that this page is read my some of the highest people in the RAMC, and still no book!

Heres a little thing I have also heard. I served in the RAMC for just short of 23 years, and a QARANC will write my book?? I WAS RAMC for that long and the RAMC cannot find an RAMC Officer with the time to write it?????

No offence the the QA's, but I was not in your Corps, I was RAMC and Proud.

Much the same would be a Guards Sgt Maj have his Red Book written by a Medic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See my Point??????????????????????

Oh well, post has arrived again today, and no red book. The postman is really looking forward to it arriving for two reasons:
1. Find out what this mystcal Red Book is that has been sought after for so long.
2. Stop the ex army bloke from stopping him EVERY MORNING!!!!!

Oh well Sabre, thats my rant...take care

Oh, and when it arrived, was it correct????
Nope when the book arrived it arrived with half of my medals/Qualifications missing on it also a couple of sheets missing.

I just rang the guy back and said watch the press!!, and that i will not be recomending people to join up as this is how they get treated and about how this has affected an otherwise enjoyable time in the service.
Next day sent by record delivery was a new and complete RED book, so now i have one half complete with wrong info, and a full one done correctly.

Its like dealing with some one with altziemers unless your in there face they forget who you are.

Its not just the RAMC mate, i am ex Signals.

But ask your RAO for the phone number who they speak too, he should be happy to pass it over as it means your out of there hair,and start to get the ball rolling, its a bit of anti climax when it eventually does arrive, but least you have it then.
This is not even funny WASME - it's just plain wrong, a lot of people out here are watching and wish you all the best, sorry there is little else we can do after writing to our MP.
temple_447 said:
This is not even funny WASME - it's just plain wrong, a lot of people out here are watching and wish you all the best, sorry there is little else we can do after writing to our MP.
This is not supposed to be funny!!

This is about serving over 22 years as a member of the RAMC and unit / officer not having the decency to produce my Red Book showing my service! This is about what is supposed to happen to everyone who leaves after a time and should be produced by people who do not give a hoot about the people leaving!

This is about doing the right thing, and getting it right. Some people have not got their book, some have got their book and it is wrong.


No, I do agree, NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rant over.............................for now :x ................. :D
Check your Pm's
James Bond, Miss Marple, Columbo, and Sherlock Holmes have also looked into it!

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