Campaign for Democracy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 28, 2005.

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    Would you sign this letter?
  2. Already have done,Dear heart.
    The site has an online thingie to fill in.

    There have also been hard copy versions in the newspaper, which they've been publishing for several days.
    If you haven't seen it before maybe you really are from parts east.
  3. Since when has a supposed Russian ever been in a position to preach to us about democracy?

  4. Dear Awol!

    I hope you agree that the UK is a beacon of true democracy. So British example is very important, especially for newborn and fragile Russian democracy (moreover for Iraqi democracy).

    If you regard my post as a critical one, then you are absolutely wrong. I'm interesting, do there exist democratical mechanism for changing of electoral system in the UK and nothing above it.

    As to mentioned article, then I respect freedom of speech, right for different opinions. But as I live in Russia, in Moscow then I daresay know 'slightly' more that author of the article.

    How can detention of one man be regarded as return of Stalinism. Btw, bosses of Enron and Parmalat were arrested for economical crimes. If mr.Khodorkovsky would do in the UK that his did in Russia then he would be in the jail soon.

    I don't like it. I think that people have right to elect governors directly. But recent law changed this situation. Now governors will be elected by local parliaments (councils) after proposition of president. I repeat, I don't like it, but it is a democracy, the law (constitutional law) was voted by more than 2/3 of Duma. Anyway in India (hugest democracy) governors are being appointed (not elected).

    Recently PR system was introduced in Russia (there will be only party lists on elections, not individual candidates). Personally I don't like it. As I understand many in the UK would like to change current electoral system namely for some form of PR system. Btw, communist party is in tough opposition to mr.Putin, there are other parties. If they haven't enough support from voters then it is their problem.

    It is his private opinion. I hear it on (very popular, pro-western) radio "Echo of Moscow). There is a lot of openly anti-Putin news-papers. As to elections then anti-Putin forces simply too weak and haven't wide suppotr in Russian society.

    It is simply is not true. The author is a liar. Beslan 1-3 September 2004.

    So if the author used falsehood that can be easily spotted then what is a cost of his speculations?

    As to anthem then only music was restored (very good one). If USA has right to one headed eagle then why Russia hasn't right for two-headed eagle? (very old symbol btw). Red flag is a flag of victory in great war with Hitler. I don't see anything wrong with it. Btw, Russian naval flag (with very long history) is St.Andrew flag but unlike Scottish flag blue cross on white field. Is it too evedence of Stalinism in Russia?

    I personally like the music of our national anthem. It is my right not yours. It is a democracy anyway.
  5. Personally I like the Russian anthem, but not for what it symbolises.
  6. Yes, the bosses were arrested, but the Government didn't seize the companies - it's the forced appropriation of the companies by the government that's stalinist.
  7. Government has lawfull right to get unpaid taxes (billions $$). YUKOS still exists. Only its Yugansk-Neftegas filial was sold. Shell or BP had possibility to buy Yugansk (they and other western companies were invited). Btw, BP has 50% in TNK-BP company (almost as huge as YUKOS and Russian oil is 1/4 of BP's output.

    What is wrong?