"Campaign for BFPO Users Rights" - Can you answer questions?

Hi all,
I'm just preparing the campaign and I need some questions answering. Can anybody help me out and answer the following?

How many SKY systems are outside the UK belonging to BFPO users?
How many BFPO users are there through all three services?
We need to know if anybody has had success with financial services while listed at a BFPO address.
Are there any financial companies that do deal with BFPO addresses?
What percentage of companies would you say DO NOT deal with BFPO addresses?
We also need your stories about your BFPO experiences, good or bad. Have you had a company bend over backwards for you because you're in the Forces or have you just been banging your head against a brick wall with a company. Either post it on here or john@postedoverseas.com us.

Just SWAG ball park figures will do unless you can get hold of that sort of info.

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