Camp Victory - Baghdad


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Can anyone give me a few details on this camp please
Is it in the Green Zone?
Does it get hit much?
Are the facilities any good?
Anything you can give me would be a help

Is it in the Green Zone? No - it's adjacent to the airport (known as BIAP)
Does it get hit much? Yes - now and then, rockets mainly. I always felt exposed queuing on the highway to get into the place.
Are the facilities any good? They were getting better in '04, probably sh1t hot by now.

While we're on the subject - what a fcuked name! I would have expected a discreet name change by now, perhaps Camp Enduring Presence or something.
Was in Green Zone for six months this year but went across to Camp Victory every two weeks or so. Its one large American Camp so you can tap into all their facilities and welfare:

24 hour dining (enjoy the Tom and Jerrys icecream)
24 hour gym (mainly weights)
Largest PX in Baghdad
Brit House run by the Signals has a bar and sky TV
Plenty of lakes for fishing
Pizza hut, Mcdonalds etc
Loads of Iraqi shops selling DVD's and other crap

Basically slipper city!
Camp Victory! Ready for the handover to the insurgents?
Camp 'Still Here', Camp 'Mission Not Quite Accomplished', Camp 'Shaven Chimp' perhaps?

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