Camp Tombstone


I am looking for some information about Camp Tombstone in Afghanistan. What the accomm/facilities/welfare etc is like there. Many thanks in advance :eek:


Welfare....hahaha!! Its fairly standard stuff, A Company, 1 Royal Irish were there recently, as OMLT with the ANA (Herrick 8), Its okay there apparently....usual arrangement. Pack your food parcels and send them now though!!!!! Good Luck.


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Lock yourself in your room on Thursdays. Apparently having sex with men is what the ANA see as "fun" on this night. If you get yourself into the yank det for movie nights, wear a smock and stuff your pockets with Oreo's and Hershey bars.


Ah well, looks like I best stock up on 1 shot hub grease for Thursdays and console myself with chocolate after Yank film night :dance:


I was there on Herrick 8. Not a bad little camp to be fair better than being amongst all the bolocks in bastion. The Yanks are very hospitable as long as you don't take the piss. They invite you over one night a week to eat and drink(non alchoholic) them out of house and home. They do the usual BBQ,s with half cow steaks on 4th July etc.
Camp Tombstone is a small camp associated with Casmp Shorabak which houses the ANA and now the ANP. There is not much there at all. There is a welfare room and gym on the British side. There is a small shop in the Q.M. dept.
I was there for 16 months working as a civilian for KBR and had a great time, I met some fantastic people and had nothing but respect for the job you guys do over there.

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