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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by regular_imbiber, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Hello (again), just after some general info on Camp Souter as I believe it is a predominately Sigs joint. I will be spending 6 or 7 months there very soon.

    Also what's the winter temperatures like in Kabul? I dont think I'm going to take much lightweight dress,if any.

  2. Camp shared with a Coy of Inf when I was there. Added bonus of the RS trying to out do the Inf.

    winter - cold, take a softie

    BBC Weather : Kabul
  3. RS? Bogging Royals maybe.... ;-)

    I arrived during a winter tour and it wasn't bad, as stinker says, a softie should suffice.
  4. Mummy Bag? :?
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Predominantly R/Sigs. I'd take number 2's as well cause some soft **** of an SSM will sure as shit want a full on ******* Monday morning parade in 2's at least once a month.

    And be prepared as previously stated for the Royal Corp to try and out inf the inf.

    "Soldier first tradesman second, Sig Mack. Yes sir, of course sir! Is that because all our kit is shite sir and when it comes to it wont ******* work so we'll just become glorified gate guards. sir? I don't ******* like your attitude Sig Mack.. thats all right I'm not ******* hanging around her much longer as I'm so fucked up my feet don't even point in the same direction anymore so the Army's sending me back to civvy street. Your still going on CO's orders, right you are sir, I'll hobble up the ******* stairs with my leg in plaster and on my crutches and make you look a **** in front of the CO, sir" conversation between me (gobby ******* **** that I was) and SSM 1 sqn 30Sigs 1988.

    I'm still a gobby **** and He's still a ******* Arrse probably finished now though, last seen as an LE Maj at 30 sigs Nuneaton. 2005 ish.
  6. The inf havent been in Souter since HERRICK 10.....
  7. I was in Kabul last winter, which locals say was the worst for 30 years and it was bloody freezing -23C one night.
  8. I spent a brief stint in Kabul January/February a few years ago.

    I'd like to be jack and tell you to pack shorts and flip flops but a brief visit to the med centre saw me sat waiting with a lad who had a frost bitten foreskin.

    Take every item of cold weather kit you own, especially if like us you're going to be working outdoors at night.
  9. I was there the winter before, which ironically was the mildest for 30 years (apparently).
  10. Biscuits, unfortunatly still very much happening. Show parades and room inspections on this tour.

    Fcuking lunatics with no job makes lads lives on tour a nightmare.
  11. All very true.
    There are some men with beards, long hair and kit that's not quite issue living inside the hesko.
    My US colleagues loved going there, believe it or not for the food. Food in Eggers was amazing but very US and processed (ISAF HQ was just shite). But wholesome pie, beans and real chips made with proper potatoes made the drive to Souter worthwhile.
    And as an aside, the reason Souter is **** is because a few years back it was out of control; extended lunch breaks, jobsworth fuckwits and general idleness. Special Pay Service at their best. So some bright spark says it needs sorting so go to the extreme other end. Real soldiers like the Scaleys. Could have been worse - could have been the ******* medics, but that's another story.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Awesome! ***** like that are what Darling and Melchett are based on!

    The previous mentioned ssm first name steve had come direct from 8 sigs to 30. He had it on him about the buckles on the old plastic belt and how they should be green with no silver showing. Blokes were forever painting, rubbing down and re-painting those ******* things. It was a never ending job because the paint didn't have time to dry properly and would therefore last a day or so at most.
  13. Souter, as ever is a shit hole. Was there in '04 when there was an infantry company there whilst on OP TARROCK. Returned last year, for a very very brief visit, and found it still to be a shit hole just minus the infantry company. Whatever you do you need to develope your hard stare and swagger like the rest of the remfing ***** there who think that as SF are there then they're all speshul.

    As for the weather, take all your issued cold weather kit, put it in a Tina Turner and leave it at home. Invest in a high quality down ( Not a Mlarrr) jacket and some decent gloves as during winter it is feckin freezing.


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  14. to the OP, i assume that you're going as the LSD Comd. Interesting job. Working predominantly to the QM of the KSU you'll be left pretty much to your own devices. Life in Souter is relatively comfortable, although as others have said, winter gets pretty chilly.

    Top-tip, fully engage with your own CoC and get your own CO/OC up early for a visit - there is scope for the Kab Det to go rogue or native - a good visit early on (before the heavy snow) will provide reassurance and keep them off your back for the next 6 months!
  15. Great food in Souters.....everybody wants go to there at least once a week in ISAF HQ; I think it ranked well in the recent "best military place to eat in Kabul" recently (N°1 was of course Camp Warehouse and the French cookhouse....)

    The Best, and Worst, in Kabul Military Dining -