Camp Leatherneck (sorry if this is the wrong place for this question)

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by hasher, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. Am soon to go to Camp LNK for 6 months. One online map showed it as being well south, down on the Hook, whereas another Google source says its hard by BSN.

    Where is it exaclty and has anyone done a tour of duty there?

    Thanks for any feedback on the exact location of LNK and what's there.
  2. Keep your head down and thanks for your service.

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  3. food is AWESOME lol
  4. Is it next door to Bastion or down the Hook? I Googled for a location and one said near BSN and another map showed it not far from Bharramschar. Surely there can't be 2 US camps of the same name?
  5. Oh just great. Thanks Jumpinjarhead, for this cheering news. Looks like kinetically interesting times ahead.
  6. Sorry-better to be prepared I suppose. Stay safe--I always felt safest right in the middle of a squad of US Marines in full battle rattle.
  7. You lucky man, the scoff there is quite possible the nicest I've ever tasted outside of my mums kitchen! The USMC are also very friendly and helpful, I'm rather jelous. Good luck with the tour.
  8. Should I be surprised that no-one on ARRSE can tell you where USMC hang out? It's next door to Bastion. And yes from what I heard from KAF, best scoff going so they got that right. Don't know what that map above is - possibly from an early part of TFL deployment in Helmand, but it's bollocks anyway.

    Good luck. Back out in the New Year deep joy.
  9. I thought it might be better to leave the exact location out as I'm not sure of the current sitrep?

    Just to say, one of the above posts is correct lol
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's right next to Bastion - Leatherhead is a fair walk, or 5 min's drive, from the Bastion Complex, but it's all part of the same site, really. Food is good there, allegedly - I've never been, but they are always putting out orders telling Brits to stay away from that DFAC, so it must be better than ours (or just different, of course). You've also got a reasonable PX, as opposed to our rather rubbishy, and expensive, EFI.

    Have fun, PM me if you need anything else :)
  11. Go out the "top exit" and it's a 15 min walk

    You need a card to eat there (it's rarely checked) then you sign in... I've also heard the Britsh Army gets billed for using it! So whatever you do DON'T sign M Mouse 12345 as they won't be able to do that!

    I was only there for a couple of days "passing through" but if based at BSN then don't go all the time or you'll end up moosive, most I knew there just went Sundays for Surf n Turf days!
  12. Thanks Tupper (I remember that great comic strip, supper of fish and chips then a public bath then back to the arches :), Old Snowy and biboboy.

    What made me doubt it's location was a, the map above, and b, open source material saying as how they are building a huge runway for Leatherneck. I thought then that maybe the location of the map above might be correct after all, given that BSN already has an very long runway so why build another one.

    However, my Unit assures me, as you guys kindly have, that LNK is hard next to BSN. Hope I don;t have to pay for the food or be banned form their PX, as I'm doing a full tour inside, attached to the staff of ...US folk in there.

    And if the 'chow' is bellyblubber-inducing, then I hope they have weights, a gym and a running track otherwise I'll be tourex fatter than I am now. Does anyone happen to know if its a total non-smoking Camp? I know some US facilities are rather puritanical like that.

    Cheers, H.
  13. hasher, what tupper and others have said is correct. I haven't been in there, but one of our OPs staff was embedded during our last tour. Make sure you do plenty of phys whilst eating there................
  14. Returned from a tour embedded with the USMC earlier on this year and will echo what you’ve already been told. LNK is attached to Bastion but can be fair walk if you’re left without a vehicle. The main reason I made the journey was to use the Brit welfare facilities, although by the sounds of it there is now a WiFi system in LNK that is working well, so you might not need to do that as much.

    Food is good; although when I was there they were a bit more **** about needing the card, as by all accounts it costs the UK about $10 for every meal.

    The US is building a new runway at the base, but it’s on the Bastion side. There is a main gym on LNK, although most units have their own smaller gyms on their sites. A few of the Marines on my crew smoked and from what I can remember there were designated areas.

    When I left the place was a building site, albeit one with a large patch of scorched earth in the middle….. The speed its been built up is amazing, although you should see what they’ve done with Dwyer!
  15. Regarding PT facilities: