Camp it up with the Japanese Navy

Enjoy you on verry own Seaman Ship. Rots and rots of fun with happy-go-rucky Japanese sairor boys! Rubricant provided by His Majesty Emperor. Inititation rituals incrude rots of man-on-man bukkake, sushi-eating from femare orificer naughty-bits, and rituar shaving of the nether region, with more bukkake. Sponsored by Kreenex and Swedish Penis Enrarger Pumps Inc.
it appears to be a recruiting video. The caption reads 平成16年度街頭大型スクリーンで放映されたCM (Advert shown on large screens in the streets in the 16th year of Heisei). The voiceover goes: 日本が好きです。平和がすきです。海上自衛隊。 ( [indeterminate speaker] loves Japan and loves peace. Japanese Self-Defence Force Navy.

WTF were they smoking?
Oracle said:
Stoaty - that's what you get for entering 'semen', 'seamen' and 'gay action' into Google!!!
You found it that way too as well then?

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