Camp followers

Isn’t it incredible how much the camp followers moan when their other half is away on Ops?

Surely they realised that this is part and partial of being married to a ‘serviceperson’ (yes this does cater for the male camp followers).

Isn’t it incredible that they can get themselves to the other side of town in clothes and shoes that says more for their intentions than a 10 ft neon sign could, however when you lay on a function within the unit they expect to be driven from door to door.

Maybe if the Families Office (sorry should that be Welfare Office) were not always bailing these types out of the brown sticky stuff, there would be more time to organise culture trips and Tupperware parties.  

I don’t think.   :-*
Good point, but what's with all the random numbers and letters..?  :)


Davros, he must be a 'sweary mary' who doesn't know about the magic language adjuster!!
surely these 'camp followers' are really our families and deserve a bit more respect some wives and husbands of serving soldiers put up with a hell of a lot of seperation and arseache so just by being married to a squaddie doesn't mean we should take them from camp to camp and forget about them when we are away.they have given up a lot to be with their spouse. I am guessing here but could you be single and can't get someone to like you enough to marry you ;D ;D ;D
mmm...  porridge wog is DEFINATELY a sad singlie!!!  my wife and i don't even go to any of the functions his beloved families office lays on.  if we did go we'd take a taxi. what a loser...  and by the way? what's part and PARTIAL?  partial to what?  a lonely life?  get a spell checker wooden top!

...  and by the way? what's part and PARTIAL?  partial to what?  a lonely life?  get a spell checker wooden top!
I think you meant get a grammar checker, as far as I can tell there aren't any words spelt incorrectly in the above, so whether he typed part and partial or part and parcel, it would have passed the spellcheck test

[/pedant mode] ;D


p.s. the Isn’t bit comes from typing what you want to post in notepad or some similar program then cutting and pasting into the message box.

the software doesn't recognise some characters such as ' " ; etc and replaces them with ’ and other such gobbldiegook

now, where did I leave my anorak

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