Camp Beuhring

Just been told I am to be posted to Beuhring. Can't seem to find anything much out about it except it is a large US base. Found it on Google Earth too. Grateful if anyone able to give me a heads up on this location.

Suppose I am, but as far as I'm concerned one sandy hole in the desert is much the same as any other; apart from the IDF that is! Honestly though, the lure of the Golden Arches and endless ice cream doesn't hold much of a thrilll for me - at least you know whats what on your own turf.
A huge tented camp, US run with a small Brit enclave. A massive well equipped gym, good PX facilities with several small outlet villages (Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee etc). two good Defacs (defac 2 is the best). And £12.00 a day extra for being there.
Thanks RedLeg. I will take your advice about the defac which probably means i'll need that large gym more often than my normal pathetic attempts!
Food in the DFAC's is not to be sneezed at, apart from breakfast which is pants.
US forces also seem to have a higher good looking chick to minger ratio, at least that was true in the C sites.

Enjoy and don't forget to take Blackadder with you.


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