Camp bastion under attack

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by blobmeister, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. I suggest that now is not the time to make wild speculations about mode of attack, casualties etc.
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  2. deleted
  3. Let's not go in to suppositon mode just yet...

    Let's see what falls out of 'official' sources, the guys will be on top of it.
  4. ISAF spokesman stating two fatalities and number of wounded currently showing on Sky news, Nationalities not released.
  5. No one had made any ? the OP was simply informing us what the pentagon had said!!!! sit back have another glass of port keep calm.
  6. One can only sincerely hope that no casualties have occurred. Good luck to those serving in Bastion.
  7. See mr Tiggers post taht he has kindly deleted? That was some scientific wild arrse guess from another website as to the location of the attack.
  8. I wonder if the RAF Regiment have got the EFI surrounded by a 'doughnut of steal'!
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  9. Jeez I am off there imminently, hope the injured get speedy recovery.
  10. See you at Headley - if you're lucky!
  11. I thought that would be obvious. The attack took place at Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
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  12. RAF Regiment, 'hard targetting' to the EFFI.
  13. Imagine the RSS feeds tomorrow, I doubt the ARRSE server will be able to handle it.

    On a serious note once the details are released if it turns out the RAF Regt were all over it and proved to be invaluable to the defence of Bastion, will we have to stop making EFI jokes?