Camp Bastion.Conditions for civvy contractors.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scooby_bloo, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Guys,

    Im a civvy contractor that has worked MOD for a while now, and Im off to see KBR next week regarding a position as an M&E Tech in Camp Bastion.

    I did go to Basra with Turners, but got the hell out of there after a nasty rocket attack landed in our compound 150 yds from where we were shitting ourselves!! Oh, and one of our lads took some shrapnel in the leg.

    Whats conditions like in Camp Bastion? Many rocket or mortar attacks, or is the aggro confined to the mountains and villages?

    Any info gratefully received.
  2. I've been in Basra for over a year now, can't think who you might be?
    Bastion is ok according to my mates that are out there.

    I'm also just about to leave for another company, working in the far east.
  3. Surely you are getting paid good money to work in a war zone. Everytime you or some of your mates get hit, are you going to run away with your tail between your legs. You are asking does anyone know somewere you can work were theres no nasty fanatics!
    Shrapnel in the leg? are you taking the piss?
    People like you make me sick, 3 feathers come to mind!!!
    ps more i think about it, why would you come here asking a question like that to people who has lost friends etc, do you another motive?
  4. In three feathers though, he turned out to be a hero?

    Don't follow your logic?
  5. Last I heard, it was £60 k to sort the water plant out in Basra, plus other perks.
  6. Your best bet is to ask the guy interviewing you at KBR. He'd be able to give you the latest from his lads. My bezzer is out there at the moment with KBR. He's still alive and well if that's a decent enough target indicator..
  7. TWWWWWWAT, how about FECK OFF AND DIE. Else where and preferably not where a member of HMF will have to dig your grave.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    RSD - Sorry, but stop being such a complete Knob. Without Contractors willing to work in Basra, Bastion, and elsewhere, there'd be no internet, no Paradigm, and very little water. You obviously have never served anywhere abroad, have you? What a dick.

    Oh, nearly forgot - a fair proportion of the Medical services are contractors. But you'd never need them, would you?
  9. No I have never served abroad!

    Whilst I recognise the service these people provide, I also recognise the money they get paid to be were they are. A lot more than most of the serving soldiers get paid.

    Why is that exactly, BECAUSE IT IS DANGEROUS. Well if you get paid the money then you take the sh1te.

    I would be happy to mirror my career against yours, PM me and perhaps we can talk about it.

  10. In fairness to the lads who do work for the contractors, quite a few arent ex-forces and dont have our mindset. Yes theyve signed up for a spell in a conflict area, but oft as not theyre informed in earnest by the company that it'll be quiet where they are. It can be and is, but sometimes it isnt, - situations change while the guys are out there as our friends change tactics and strategies and a safe area becomes quite bloody scary for a civvi (and squaddies too)

    Dont have a go at the contractors, yes theyre out to earn a few quid more than average joe (usually to support their families, just like many of us) , but ultimately theyre working to keep us going.

    Cut 'em a bit of slack.
  11. I say again, why are the wage high, because it is risky.

    You's take your choice and you's take your chance.

    I am happy that people get paid a huge amount for working in these conditions, what I like to see is people understanding where they are working and why. Funnily enough most of these are ex forces or contractors who have followed the forces for a long time. However, we are now seeing new contractors who pick up jobs because of the money then whinge like buggery because of 'Conditions, Danger, Being shot at, SHite food' and more.

    Knowing how much the support elements earn, I am a little pissed that these contractors whinge so much.

    However, having also seen the state of the KBR workers at some sites I am suprised anyone works for them... although most are eastern european!
  12. :? High wages? Theyre not that high.

    These guys have to do the year stint to acquire the full 'wage' icluding the tax free bonus. So theyre on a year tour with R and R.

    We do what, 6-9 months, with tax back and R and R.

    Theyre doing 12 with tax back and R and R

    So the average guy in say KRB gets what, 45k all in? Lets assume He is the equivalent of a Engr Lancejack / Fullscrew (basing this on my mate)

    So that's what in Army paypacket terms..? 25k?

    Add to that our extensive perks of the job. This is a reckonable factor to bring in.
    we get:
    Full Medical and Dental, whats that, 6k a year at least, up to 10k?

    Full unreserved access to a Gymnasuim and Fitness Suite. Civvis pay what 600 quid for a full on membership to a decent Gym?

    Travel discounts and perks of the Job (Claims and expenses) Another 400- 500 quid, dependant on who and what, etc?

    We also get free pension scheme. Civvis pay into theirs. I suppose that's a grand or so, I dont know. Someone who plays with calculators can figure that out.

    Reduced rent, no water rates, reduced Council tax. whats that.. 6k's worth saved?

    We also get annual money for courses Learning Credits and Enhanced. Thats another few quid, not to mention career courses that benefit us in civvi street. Free membership of ILM being one Ive pulled off the top of my head, NVQ's another. There's plenty of courses that we get for free that civvis pay thru the nose for. Lets say that's another couple of grand.

    So. KBR guy doing a year in say Kandahar with the odd rocket incoming 45k (with his tax back)

    Engr Lance Jack ( A pad) sat in UK running an MT yard, shagging his missus every night and safe in the knowledge the closest he'll get to a conflict is an angry shopping trolley hitting his leg in Tescos on a Thursday evening when out with his wife and kid.
    45k in reality, 25k on his pay statement.

    And that's with the Squaddie in the UK! If the Squaddie were to deploy, he gets his tax back, plus extra after no way close to a year in theatre. The Squaddie ends up better off. Most still whinge as they cant see it in their pocket.

    You still reckon the civvies are on a mint?! I earn more than my mate. something he found out quite quickly after he left HMF.
  13. Looking at that.. scooby_bloo, yer in the wrong job mate. :wink:
  14. I'm not sure what the situation is in Bastion at the minute, but if you left Basra because a rocket landed 150 yards away, I'd knock any ideas you may have about this type of work on the head.

    Civvies aren't exposed to the same dangers as soldiers, but there are risks involved all the same - That's why you get the money.
  15. I dont think anyone is having a go at contracters as a whole. It was just this one particular person who wants to work in a high risk buisness somewere were there is very little risk and get paid the same money?
    As well as that coming onto a Military forum and asking people this question, who put there lives on the line and have no choice but to go to were they are posted.
    I am in the protection buisness myself and have also served abroad , more than once. Personaly reading that post embarrased me.
    Its like joining the Army and asking what Regiment doesnt go to Iraq!!!
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