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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wg100, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. Are you able to claim for HDT whilst doing a camp, if it is being undertaken at your normal barracks and you are travelling home each night?
    I've been told that I'm only able to claim for one journey and that I'll have to absorb the rest of the travel costs myself. A perusal of TA regs and JSP 752 couldn't come up with anything definitive.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    See Annex B to chapter 2.

  3. Thanks for that msr.
    It states that Continuous Training entitles personnel to:
    However, RAO claims that this means you are entitled to travel on the first day only, as your camp is usually elsewhere, you are transported there and remain in-situ for the duration.
    I'd like hard facts to present to him if this isn't the case.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Facts don't get any harder than TA Regs. Have you got it in writing that you can do camp at your TAC?

    Ask him which part of 'Full Costs' he does not agree with.

  5. Got the go-ahead from the OC for the in-TAC camp.

    RAO says that as the camp is recorded as "Continuous Training (camp)", then you can't claim for travel each day, as you could potentially be in the field for the duration...
    Not sure that I agree with that train of thought, but looks as if I'll have to lump it, unless anyone can come up with an ironclad argument?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I give up.

  7. Surely in that case you'd just claim on a day by day basis?
  8. In which case it wouldn't really be classed as a camp surely.

    I did a split camp with one week in barracks and they couldn't be my home barracks but another unit in the same regt.
  9. HDT is travel paid to your normal duty station.

    Your Camp in theory should be out of camp, so you will find that because your are in the TAC painting the doors or making brews for two weeks then technically you are not out of camp.

    To this end The RAO will initially say no to this, but unless they are providing you with accomadation, feeding etc for the duration and you have to travel home then you could argue that these are a traveling expence.

    The problem you have is that if you claim HDT for the 15 days then technically you haven't done 15 day continuous out of camp days so won't qualify for bounty catch 22 :). make sure the CO not the OC has agreed this
    If they won't cover the travelling then request a car for use during time and see what that kicks up.

    The other block is insurance so make sure thats covered

    But as mentioned by someone else, you have incurred the cost so you can put in the claim, its simple now with JPA. (did i say that???)
  10. Thanks for advice people.
  11. Just make sure they don't hit you for pay as you dine for what you eat at home! (on "Lord giveth and taketh away" principle)
  12. The last time I looked at the Business Profile Guide (BPG) for uploading the JPA pay spreadsheet for Continuous Training, there was a column to claim for a days training, and another to claim HDT, for every day attended.......

    If the facility is there to load it into JPA - then you must be entitled to claim it!? Ask the RAO for a copy of the BPG.
  13. Don't "lump it" - claim it. Tell him that if the unit will not cough for travel you will require accommodation. If he says "OK, camp-bed. Drill Hall floor" suggest you will check the idea with RFCA who will almost certainly confirm that the TAC is not classed as accommodation. Potential cost of a hotel vs your mileage ???
  14. ask him where you will be accomodated and how you will be fed.
  15. Can't you doss in the TAC?