Camouflage geekery: calling all photoshop masters

The general consensus on are the camouflage threads appear to be that DPM works excellently under pine forest cover, but the current incarnation of it is too dark and the patterns are too small in general.

An interesting little project for any of our resident photoshop past masters would be to see what DPM would look like if you take the black out and replace it with one of the lighter colours (e.g. the khaki colour). Another possibility would be to swap the khaki and dark brown around, and maybe lighten the black as well (my suspicion is that this would be the best) .

Anybody feel like having an experiment with this? The challenge for the real masters would be to fiddle with the colours, make everything bigger, and then photoshop it onto a real picture of a soldier.
You, Sir, have far too much time on your hands...

May i suggest you gently 'chimp off' into a happy sleep of 'self-love' :D
That has to be one of the geekiest forums I've ever had the horror of visiting.

Good effects though....

Definitely should get out at least once in their lives.
(I was going to say 'get out more', but it's obvious that they're symbiotically attached to their chairs)
What's wrong with the current woodland DPM? The Americans decided to change theirs for few good reasons, and now they all look like tw@ts in their uniform covered in little brown squares.

DPM works; the biggest problem is that the beige is often too bright and needs to be allowed to fade (or be rubbed with mud) before use in darker woodland. If it ain't broke, don't go suggesting how to fix it...this kind of thread gives the MOD ideas on how to waste more of the defence budget ;)
I personally found it far too dark in the open, and because the pattern is so small it just merged into a more or less uniform dark mud brown, and that seemed also to be the general consensus on several previous camouflage threads. This is more a question of seeing what it would look like.

I've got a guy who is going to try and swap the brown and tan around to see what the result would be.
It doesn't seem to matter what type of camouflage clothing I wear. All the local deer, foxes, badgers, pheasants etc all point and are carrying little signs that read "Look at the fat t**t pretending to be a tree"
Doesn't seem to work for the ID parade either - still get picked out every time.
At a remembrance parade a few years ago, everyone actually parading had to get up stupidly early and mong about the admin area for several hours in the name of efficiency. (Admin area consisted of a road next to a big park).

It was overcast, darkish, far too early. We were bored. And mighty surprised when a WO started yelling at a big empty patch of grass, which suddenly erupted swarming hordes of OTC. They'd all been sitting in rings, in absolute gloomy silence (!) less than fifty yards away right out in the open, and yet to bored young men who weren't expecting anyone to be there, they were absolutely invisible.

Strange but true! (95 gets the job done and I like it. Why the OTC feel it becomes a man to A parade in it and B sit about in the dirt beforehand is beyond me, but that I don't like).
Y'know, I don't think it's the black that makes DPM a touch too dark but that the Brown blobs are too large.

If they toned it down a bit, to a similar size as the black, I think that would be an improvement.
sod it, only took 2 mins.

Here's your basic windproof smock (thanks to the site i borrowed the pic off)

and here it is again with the brown toned down just a touch.

I leave plopping it in backgrounds to whoever.

I share your opinion that the brown areas are too big and too dark. your effort is certainly an improvement, and looks better with the "squint test"

It will be interesting to see what the brown/tan swap looks like.


I saw the ACU camouflage "in action" at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri (temperate, woodland and fields), and it shone! It would have provided an excellent contrast with a foresight or a reticle...

Too bloody light, and not enough contrast. It appears to work well in an urban setting though.

One thing to note with demonstration photos, though, is that they are often selected specifically to show up the good or bad performance of the camouflage concerned.
I'm amazed no-one has mentioned "Realtree." All the gamekeepers/estate staff around here wear it (lots of fields, woods etc) . Mind you, b*gger all use in urban or sandy places.

Also having seen some of the footage from Tibet recently, why do the Chinese Police (in public order dress) seem to favour blue/black DPM ?
Mr_Deputy said:
where as Multicam seems to work well. Seems to be some outrage as to why this was not chosen.
Yeah great comparison here, lets put the woodland cam onto a predominantly light sand colour background, strangely close to the same colour as multicam.

Come on at least give the other colour a fighting chance :)
ACU works resonably well in arid/desert/rocky terrain and only if it has been worn in. Fresh and it looks crap.

DPM isn't neccessarily broken but, a little less brown might help. The black is there for shadows but brown can be picked up if you've been rolling around in dirt and mud.
I am particularly impressed by the Swedish camouflage: big, angular blocks.

Interestingly, they went for navy blue instead of black for the dark areas since it apparently simulates shadows more effectively.

I personally think that the earlier versions of DPM, which were a little bit lighter on the brown, do much better than the current version. I don't think it would hurt to go even lighter with the brown.

Sensesworkingovertime said:
furry_dude said:
You, Sir, have far too much time on your hands...

May i suggest you gently 'chimp off' into a happy sleep of 'self-love' :D
He's already done that mate!

What can he do if he's an admin god and already finished his nightly admin?

I for one think it's a good idea.

Have a word with these lads, there's some really good photoshop gurus there!

You want us to speak to THESE??? :pc:

Quote from site:

Good news! John Hoagland replied my e-mail and authorized the using of his artwork, originally created to be used in a program called Poser, for STBC, and the proper alterations/conversions.
He also gave some informations on the model and asked if there would be the possibility of converting the bridges into the Poser format.

Ok I'll chat to them later :wink:

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