Camouflage development

Now we know where the septics get their ideas from for their shitty BDU pyamas. :p



War Hero
Bloody hell, your right. Had to give it a double take to spot the fecker!!
Just proves how effective it is for urban warfare!.. Fibua/Obua ops are a cinch when you can hide from the enemy while sitting on the Ottoman...
Sod that, no way I'd carry a sofa around just to hide.
poor drills his boots gave him away immediately, all the terrorists in DFS will spot the good guys PDQ!!
Having forgotten to pack his parachute and missed the DZ entirely, Frank considered his landing place quite lucky. Meanwhile, the Williams family were having a hard time deciding what to do with the pair of boots which had mysteriously appeared on their new sofa.
The camouflage his best mate's wife is wearing is even better . . . you've got to look reeaallyy hard to spot her underneath him . . .
Nice one Clogster

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