Camoron on Andrew Marr Now!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Wonder if he'll mae more sense than Broon?..
  2. Or you with that grammar.
  3. Nope still cannot give a straight answer, but what else would you expect
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    "a,s,d,f,k & l" dont work on my lappy since the cat knocked beer over the keyboard so I use the 'on-screen one' but sometimes I forget,ok?..
  5. You are forgiven. Now ten times round the square - GO!
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Gimme an hour or so,just had a F.O Big Ulster fry!..

    BTW,Camoron's duckin' & divin' more than a 9 stone recruit in the milling ring!
  7. Awful. Would not give an answer on Europe, could not give an answer on the economy (because he was wrong before) and was essentially like a deer in the headlights.

    The party's line on Europe is laughable. "We do not want to affect what happens in other countries". In other words - we hope the decision is made for us. Same same with the cuts that are needed. "Of course we wont cut jobs - well maybe the odd quango". Of course they'll cut jobs, they have to if they want to balance the books - I'd have more respect for a party that said so.

    Absolutely terrible. This is viewed through a left leaning (though non Lib Dem or Labour supporting) prism I'll admit, but if he showed a bit of guts (well, more than the other two) I might be persuaded to vote for them.

    Marr gave him a hard time, but not as hard as he'll get once the election proper is underway. He needs to toughen up, discover a backbone and dust down a book - any book - called "Policy".
  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Totally agree Shankly, all sound bites and no Spine.
  9. So guys is he worse than Brown and Clegg as at the moment thats your choice for PM!
  10. ...and he is why, if given the opportunity, I will vote for a 3rd party, LPUK or UKIP. It's a safe Tory seat that could lose 10,000 votes & still return a Con, so I have the luxury of not having to vote tactically to keep Lab/LD out.
  11. I intend to do the same if Caeron will not commit to a policy,
    I'm in a slightly different position, where I live has a strong Labour majority (double the nearest rival Conservatives)
    Conservatives could make big inroads here but will not get my support without a clear policy on the EU
  12. Europe is I agree the biggest issue with the Tories and for DC to win he has to have a coherant policy that will satisfy the Party ranks and at the moment he stands at the divide, I think I might dither a bit as well. The EU has put the pressure on us that if we say no we are out in the Cold if we say yes (not that they will give us the chance to say other than Yes!) we are commited to coming under the EU laws and legislations that will eventually erode our own democratic system. So do we go in and negotiate our position, I don't see too many options with the way we have been so well stitched up!
  13. Cameron seems to be playing a careful game at the moment, trying desperately hard not to re-ignite any internal feuds in his own Party or portray himself in a way that will alienate any voters. I don't like it as an approach but fully understand why he is treading the middle road. The Conservative team are currently sitting back watching whilst the Labour Party team keep banging the ball into their own net. The score seems to be about 5-nil but there is little point in the Tories saying "pack it in, our supporters are getting bored so come and kick the ball into our net!".

    Who-ever is the next PM, they will have to take some hard decisions and actions to start getting the country back on track. It will take some stregth of character and the will to lead in the interests of the country. I don't know yet if Cameron has that ability but I am certain that Brown and co certainly do not.

    What I did find shocking in today's interview was Marr raising the issue of Cameron and his wife's personal wealth. What on earth does his or his wife's personal financial status have to do with his ability to lead the country? It was an offensive and intrusive question intended to portray him in a bad light - can you imaagine the outcry if an interviewer asked potential President's of the USA that sort of question or for that matter would Marr ask Hatperson what her personal inheritance was and how much her husband had stashed away?
  14. Complete waste of space , hes that bad i prefer Brown and thats saying something
  15. I thought he was reasonably impressive - but there again, I'm not one-eyed, blinkered and biased.