Camoron find another bandwagon - Hillsborogh

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Why are people always apologising for everything and anything even if it isn't their fault. It's always the Brits saying sorry, isn't it about time that people like Adams and McGuiness apologised?
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  2. Despite everything that the Conservative party can be blamed for in that era, a load of ticket-dodging Scousers crushing others to death isn't one of them.

    If it had been, I might have voted for them.
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  3. Hmmm... public self flagellation and national soul cleansing. This sort of behaviour normally masks a bad news/ Tory embarrassment story. Worth looking out. What a cnut.
  4. Adams and McGuinness were responsible for Hillsborough? I didn't know that. Shocking.
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  5. That must be a typo, I heard it was Adnam's and Guinness at fault, along with Stella and Carling.
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  6. From what I've read the scousers defence appears to be "we always act like ***** and despite knowing that plod didn't protect us from ourselves". Bottom line, scousers crushed a load of other scousers because of their bad behaviour.
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  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The only product of Cameron's 10 Downing St seems to be various vapid PR stunts like this (of course it's the only thing he knows). I have yet to work out whose vote Cameron is actually after. So far it certainly isn't mine. I don't understand why he is so determined to stop me voting for him, but he works on it pretty hard. Presumably he is hoping that a shower of drunken Liverpudlian louts will vote for him instead.

    PS Enjoyed 'The Thick of It' last night. Hope DC watched it.
  8. 27 years ago, i remember watching saturday grandstand (before live televised games) as it unfolded, tragic but how the hell are people still making money off by inestigating it 27 years later, trying to aportion blame or anything.

    Is it the scouse grief whores unable to let go? Old_n_fat summed it up nicely, the FA got rid of terraces, and the scousers have done **** all on the pitch since.

    If someone is being paid to investigate hillsborough 27 years later (hopefully not by the tax man), Tony Blair should wipe that smile off his face cos his time will come.
  9. The memory of that event is still fresh and raw, in the memory of Liverpool. To be honest, relatives of mine have died, at least two before their time, but after a few months, I got over it. After a few years, I look upon it as history. What is it with some people/races that they keep the memory painful by constantly going on about it?

    'Hello Mr Scouser, pound of mince, and two lamb chops?'

    'My relatives died at Hillsborough, twenty four years ago, oh yes please, and some bacon too please.'
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  10. Etc.
  11. Oh goody, yet another ignorant c*nt thread where the same old (suspect) ignorant c*nts can vent their spleen and spout their ignorant bollox. About stuff that they are too ignorant or pig-headed to understand because “the truth wuz printed in the sun”

    Queue another 60 odd pages of bile & uninformed drivel with the odd ‘scouser in a suit’ joke thrown in as if it is being posted for the very first time, oh how my sides ache. Ignorant c*nts

    By the way, good morning I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend ^~
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  12. That combined with genetically inherited stupidity.
  13. Calm down, calm down....
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  14. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Unless Cameron personally instructed the police to open the gate that allowed the human crush that killed all of those poor bastards, I can't see that any expression of regret is justified or appropriate.

    It's not in one of the forums I moderate but can we try and keep the drunken scousers charging the gates stuff to a minimum please?