Camoflage - Stan Ridgeway.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jeromesausage, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Are you an awfully big marine?
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  2. No, but ive known many!
  3. We will never see another 80s. Semper Fi!!
  4. We will, just after 2079.

    Semper Fik.
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  5. Fik Yu BB. Semper Bi.
  6. Got the single, not seen the video for ages; fit keyboard player and the machine heads at the arse of the bass, sooo eighties. Only jealous cos' I couldn't afford one, or a fretless.
  7. What unit did you join after being inspired by Camouflage?
  8. When you say 'known many' do you mean that you have had your rectal passage invaded by so many rampant spaff hose's that your stink valve now resembles Dresden circa 1945?

    Or do you mean that you have had a few sherries with some booties?
  9. Apparently there is over five minutes of this trash. I only lasted just over a minute. What posessed you to put that up?
  10. I went Andrew - dont ask why, I suppose it was I was in the sea cadets. Saying that, a fair while with 148 so eaten a bit of grass as well.
  11. What a shit track.

    All found copies should burned.

    So what Regiment did you go into?

    RSWC ?

    "Royal Slit Your Wrists Corps"
  12. when iam up to my neck in the deep mud of sennybridge and it dawns on me iam a worthless STAB this epic tune comes to mind, as the ''regs'' shout ay me ''not that way, this way '' my heros !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. No, but Tropper was! He was fucking massive at Hamburger Hill and Hill 55!!