Camo Queen vs Civvie chick

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DonkeyKiller, Nov 26, 2003.

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  1. Yes, i'll never touch a stinking civvie.

  2. Yes, they understand my life.

  3. They both have their moments.

  4. No, i need a break from my job.

  1. Pro's and Con's
    Is having an ARMY girlfriend/boyfriend better than a CIVPOP one?

  2. Dunno. I'll ask my civvie boyfriend to speak to my Army girlfriend and get back to you.
  3. Civvies,

    Not to be critical, but most female soldiers have shaved privates.
  4. Sorry, what I meant to say was


    Not to be critical, but most female soldiers look like shaved primates.
  5. I don't know.....I was seeing army for quite a while, you would think they would be more understanding, but not my case. She was at the start but not at the end. Hense the end.

    Civvie girlfriend....doesn't understand...(and not expected to) but is quite chilled out. Outside work is outside work. A breath of fresh air. :wink:
  6. especially when you come for some :lol:
  7. Oh wow!!!! Now I'm Very intrested! 8O :D

    Bugger! You had me all intrested then, oh well, back to the hippocrocafrogadogs that normally inhabit chez Hathcock. :roll:
  8. 99% of squaddie chicks would make Charles Darwin pull his hair out in disbelief.

    The 1% that would actually get a portion (without being "grateful" for it) are completely up themselves and expect every singly to throw themselves at them. Which they do, lets face it (and half the pads as well)

    Go civvy my friends.

    They dont get issued the standard size 18 arse.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I find you can't beat a sailor.
  10. Of course you can't, or the newspapers would be all over it! "Bastardisation in the workplace" 8O :twisted:

    ...then again, I've heard some strange stories about sailors and their perversions :p
  11. You lads must be serving with the RA or RLC. I've seen some stunning women in the mob (and they tend to talk more sense than their civvy counterparts).

    'Claudette the Squadette' gets my vote.
  12. I smell a fight...

    I am that 1% and not up my own arse, and it is not a size 18 thanks. :D
  13. Please submit a photo as evidence 8)
  14. Sorry dale, i humbly apologise.

    Is an 18 a bit of a squeeze? :lol:
  15. Everyone's missing the point here.

    Civvy or military chicks?

    It's's the one with the biggest tits!!!!!