Camillagate vs recent hacking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by artois, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. When, in 1993, a private telephone called was bugged (and a transcript of a conversation allegedly between the Prince of Wales and the then Camilla Parker Bowles was published) there was a certain amount of fuss. Now all hell has broken loose as a result of the antics of NOTW's private investigator. Could we not revert to a certain amount of fuss?
  2. Agreed 'artois'. You may care to see my post on the thread: 'It's the Murdoch Show'.

    All over the top now and an excuse for pompous twerps like Vaz and others to woffle on exhibiting their stupidity and uselessness.
  3. Murdoch is being pilloried in the USA - all part of the plan to emasculate the right wing media in time for Obama's re-election campaign.

  4. Of course! How could we have been so stupid, this is a all a plot by the commie-liberal-atheists (instigated by Satan himself) to prevent God's Chosen from being elected in 2012.
  5. Are you seriously suggesting that Obama Beach made the NotW hack Millie Dowlers phone?

    The Democrats will take advantage of an opportunity as would the GOP,but if Republican fortunes rely so heavily on Fox news then you have more problems than you realise.
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  6. Some of you lot are beginning to sound like lower ranking blue lodge masons trying to keep the result of the promotions board from being slated in the bar.

    It's a major story with the potential to expose just how far into each others pockets the press, the police and the politicians are. We haven't seen this sort of shit for years. Newspapers being closed down, an unexplained death and people telling lies. It's ****ing great.
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  7. Further to your last I would suggest that if this had happened while Brown or Blair were in power then many who are complaining now would consider this story mana from heaven.I know I would.

    I hope the circular firing squad continues until every bastard one of those involved gets brassed up.
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  8. Thank you, but I value my privacy. If somebody hacks my phone/emails/wifi/internet records/medical records/service records/bugs my house/roots through my wheelie bin/impersonates somebody else to scam info out of friends and family; I want them broken. That means sacked, imprisoned and stripped of a good portion of their wealth.

    It is bad enough the government, security services, police and local councils putting peoples lives under the microscope; corporations definitely shouldn't get away with it.

    I hope that so many heads roll now, that they have to stack them up in pyramids on Tower Hill. Every squalid hack, bent copper, dodgy PI, whore politician (and anybody else who's dirty) needs to get it in the neck and some serious precedents need to be set about protecting privacy.
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  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    To be fair, back then intercepting a mobile phone call involved little more than retuning your radio to listen to a conversation. People were nieve.

    Today it involves deliberately breaking the law. I'd rather journalists obeyed the same laws as me instead of thinking themselves above it all. Remember that tit taking a pretend bomb into Sandhurst....

    So called researching a story should not absolve you of responsibility for being law abiding.
  10. It did happen when Blair and Brown were in power.

    That would be the same Blair who went half way round the world to kiss Rupert's ring - and probably the jewellery on his fingers too.

    The same Brown who reported Rebekah Brooks to the police last week for nicking his son's medical records having invited her round to Chequers for a "sleepover" when she told him what she'd done.

    Above all, the same Brown who invited tabloid editors to his daughter's funeral as if it was some kind of networking opportunity. You wont hear about that on the BBC or read about it in the Guardian.

    The left hate Roop because they view his change of allegiance to the Tories not just as a betrayal but as confirmation of their own failure. Like a puppy that just sh@t on the carpet, they are in denial about the mess left behind by 13 years of tax and spend. Their cries of "It was the bankers wot done it" were drowned out by Roops louder cries of "No it wasn't".

    In addition, the BBC are filling their underpants about the prospect of Roop bringing Fox News to the UK. It wipes the floor with leftie news outlets in America and we couldn't have all those BBC reporters having to downgrade to business class 'cos nobody's watching BBC news any more, could we? Hence the 24/7 coverage of the fact that Roop is the Antichrist and nothing at all about the impending financial collapse of the Eurozone.
  11. Not suggesting anything old boy, merely pointing out the fact that Rupert is being pilloried by the left in the USA for something that happened in the UK.
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Unusually for any sort of story emanating otherwise than from inside the USA (a very self-contained country), Camillagate made the front pages of US tabloids. I don't remember (nor do I care) where I was when JFK was shot by a shadowy figure on a grassy knoll, but I was in Princeton NJ on a business trip when Camillagate broke and was somewhat surprised to see a juicy British story staring at me from the news stands.
  13. Can we run the story of who paid to start the riots to cover over the phone hacking?
  14. I hope that includes that feckin Mr 'arris across the way, her net curtains are always on the move, she knows more about me than I do I suspect.