Discussion in 'Infantry' started by OldTimer, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Camilla to be Colonel in Chief , just what has the British Army done wrong to deserve this ?
  2. What have you heard

  3. she is being considered for honouray colonel of an undisclosed regiment to become effective after the next culling.

    seems like PWRR are unconcerned
  4. Surely they will keep her down in the South West. We dont even see HRH The Royal Golfer in his Dukedom
  5. She will be Colonel in Chief for the Royal Gloucestershire Wiltshire Berkshire Anglian Hampshire Devon Dorset Worcestershire Welsh Scottish Irish Queens Fusileer Forester Light Infantry.
  6. Top post Guru :wink:
  7. Vomit Stations.
    KO Charlei ya've had ya joke now be a good little boy and go back to bed.
    There was something on front page of Daily Express web site on Saturday.
  8. You actually have nothing to fear. She is a lovely funny friendly girl, she understands the Army and is sympathic to the life. Any Regt would be lucky to get her as Col! As an RHG/D wife she was the life and soul of the party in the mess, an all round good egg.
  9. I'm sure there are several Regts rushing to church, down on bended knee, at this very moment collectively praying for deliverence from this Royal favour, in the full knowledge that should they be the 'lucky' Regt they will forever more be known as The Camillas. It is like reading the Mong Thread, it is entirely wrong but you just can't stop laughing.

    I pray it is not my Regt. Please God.
  10. Wrong, wrong wrong. You are lucky if it is your Regiment, she is a fun girl who understands exactly the life we lead. I don't think any of the other Royals have lived in a real service MOQ, she has, none of them has had to arrange a wives club do, she has!

    So unless you have reaLLY MET HER (i HAVE) don't knock a nice woman who knows all about Army life and would be a bonus to any regiment.
  11. Hey Paymaster, you miss my point. I'm sure she is the bees-knees of genuine and nice people and without knowing her I'll bet she'll do a better job than wife No 1. But it's the name man. The 'lucky' Regt will certainly become known as The Carmillas.
  12. Better by far than being the Squidgies!
  13. Think of it this way: Whichever regiment gets this honor is unlikely to be abolished by the Labour government. :wink:
  14. Ooh Blimey! What a thought.

    When 'we' got started as PWRR, various wags called us 'Camilla's Commandos' even back then when HRH was still married to the last Colonel in Chief of the Royal Hampshires.

    If anyone had a sense of humour or even a touch of irony, surely she should be made Col in Chief of her husband's (the first one, that is) regiment!! Hoot hoot bray bray......