Camilla turns blind eye to squaddies saucy message

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lady_H, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Page 17 , Today's Western Daily Press...

    4 RIFLES making their mark already.
  2. Well if you are going to do it - then do it in style I guess.
    Few drinks in the Mess for that one
    Tut tut the Rifles. One for the history books though however for Camilla looking down it probably read 'SKCOLLOB' and the Royals are not known for their anagram skills :)

  3. High tec tank and the comms is still the mk1 digit in the dirt- quality.
  4. High tech?? Its a frickin 432 chassis, my daughters skateboard is more high tech than that!!! :giggle:
  5. read the artical, its their quote not mine although i do take full reponce for the digit bit!
  6. Just the one? So much for whole fleet management.
  7. Good Effort lads!

    I can't fucking stand the woman to be honest.