Cameroon and the Media are a bunch of goons

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. It seems that every time I switch on the TV news I am faced with some pair of bimps "blaming" the internet because children and young people are accessing violent pornography. Todays wail headline has our glorious PM stating the "fears" he has for his own children.
    News | Mail Online
    To end any possible argument over where the responsibility for this does or does not lie, anyone who has worked inside the IT industry will be able to verify that it is impossible to stop the sites who publish this material, it is equally impossible to stop people from accessing those sites. It is not the fault of google, yahoo, microsoft , apple et al, it is the fault of those trying to access the sites pure and simple. I feel like screaming at the know all bimbo presenters who blame the company shareholders as the defaulters when in reality it is their own children and them as parents who shoulder it. Oh sure you can apply "filters" but in reality they are not worth a **** (bad choice of word there but you know what I mean). Anybody remember the Scunthorpe council debacle in 2000?
    The responsibility lies with the viewers and distributors of this material themselves, IE the young people who are the very subject of the debate. About 10 years ago I was working in a county Library for a day, in the afternoon a group of young scrotes showed up supposedly for the "homework club" but in reality they were just trying to post a website for one of their classmates portraying him as a gay boy. Hilarious prank perhaps? Not when the library manager cornered them and told them they were on the CCTV record and she was reporting them to the police. They were not so cocky then. The point I am making is that by making this type of activity illegal and punishable through the courts will act as a deterrent. It is illegal for young people to drink, it is also illegal for young people to access pornographic sites, just append this same law to make it illegal for young people to distribute it. No miserable excuses about this material being on someone's phone or ipad by "accident".
    To all the bleeding hearts out there "worried about the safety of our children" the message should be this:
    You access online imagery of this nature and then distribute it you are committing an offence which will be brought before the courts and will get the offender put on the Sex offenders register until aged 21.
    Doesn't have the same kudos as an asbo does it, being a registered sex offender in your teens.
    I'm expecting a challenge on this , maybe from the DPA brigade but I really don't give a ****. Rant over, I just despise media presenters, journos and our inglorious current Prime Minister.
  2. You got the Monday Morning Blues or something?.
  3. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    It's a problem but I totally agree.

    My teenage daughter is constantly banging on about why she's not allowed on Facebook (claiming everyone else is on it), and that we're "ruining her life" by not letting her 'Skype' in her room alone with teenage boy on the other end of the 'line'.

    As I told her Mum a few days ago - she can hate us all she wants and to fully expect as such.

    When she's in her adult years with kids of her own - she can thank us both then for not allowing her to become a victim in the latest peado ring, along with all the other 12-15 year old girls who thought they knew it all too.

    All it needs is parents with balls (mums often have bigger balls in this case, metaphorically speaking). Too many 'worried parents' these days seem more worried about bucking the trend and being the 'unpopular parent'. I'll worry about that if her hissy-fits turn into something more serious and she runs away or something.

    Until then, she can stow her undeveloped proverbials - in every sense of the phrase - and listen in. Blame google, yahoo etc all you want. In the end, it all comes down to shit parenting. Something Cameron and his clan should think about when you see 3 generations of 'missing teeth' yokels arguing amongst each other on Kyle type shows when yet another poor sprog with no chance whatsoever is shat into their grubby world.
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  4. It's not the internet's fault at all, I totally agree. You can't play the 'I'm worried about my child going on the internet to find something perfectly innocent and stumbling across hardcore porn' card, no matter what search engine you use, if you want to find that kind of stuff you have to know exactly what you're looking for.

    The blame for accessing it lies with the kids/teens that are trying to find it. There are perfectly good parental measures and safe search options that can be set up from the off with internet, and will successfully block sexual content most of the time. Not only that, but there are ways and means to monitor what certain accounts on a PC go on what websites, so the parents themselves can police everything if they're that bothered.

    Not giving your 8 year old son a Blackberry or iPhone with unlimited uncontrolled internet would be a good start.

    I, like every teen going, watched porn and wanked myself to oblivion throughout my teens and I felt no urges to sexually abuse kids or whatever.
  5. This stems from blokes saying to their wives, 'No love of course I wasn't looking for videos of lesbian bondage three-ways involving urination and rubber masks, I was trying to look up the opening times of the local library and it just popped up. Someone should do something about this sort of thing.'
  6. Just a bit.
  7. How do you prevent her from seeing/doing internet stuff when with her friends away from your home?
  8. Excuse the cynicism, but this is "current affairs" how? I remember in the '60's and '70's about Mrs Whitehouse deploring porn, or my parents not telling me about the musical "Hair" when it came out. My mother's comment was along the lines of I could view this sort of thing as much as I wanted WITH MY WIFE.

    As others have said - bad parenting is to blame, rather than the use of available technology.
  9. I'm not knocking porn, far from it, its been around since the beginning of time. I just despise the bleeding hearted presenters and journos blaming the ISPs or google shareholders for the "evil scourge turning our children into sex perverts".
  10. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    It's more about letting her know what's not acceptable. Nobody can ever be truly 100% supervised - and you wouldn't want to either, because suffocating an individual will just lead to rebellion.

    It's about making sure she understands the risks, and minimising the opportunity. But nothing is completely foolproof - and if or when something was ever to happen, you have to be in a position to ask yourself "did I do everything possible as a parent to prevent such a thing?", then and only then can you start looking at other factors.

    The trouble is, a lot of people here (parents and media) are missing out that vital piece.
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  11. Are you sure you're qualified to comment on current affairs given you don't even know the name of the current Prime Minister?
  12. You are a good parent, apart from that time you left your daughter in the pub of course!
  13. You're absolutely right, it's your job to bring your children up safely and to love and care for them and prepare them to succeed in adult life. You're not there to be their mate, friend, bezzer you're there to be their mentor and guide and you may have to be unpopular from time to time or you may be explaining to the murder squad that she was her own person and besides, what can you do these days.........

    BTW you may want to think about the opening six words of your second paragraph. :wink:
  14. Not to mention the thriller horror.
  15. Anybody else long for the days when you found a porn mag discarded in a park bush or round the back of a pub on a sunday morning? Internet pornography has spoiled me- unless I see 2 women drinking faecal matter out of a cup or a guy shattering a pint pot inside his anus, I just can't seem to get it up any more- the mrs' handcuffs just don't have the same appeal!

    As for the isp's- untill I confirmed that I was an adult by providing O2 with my credit card details, and in the process being charged 1p, I couldnt even view craigslist (a classified adds website), as it was classed as "Adult" and thus was censored by the phone network.