Camerons Roasting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rorkesdrift, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Did anyone see the guy confront Cameron and give him what for last Saturday- hilarious I think Iremember him from Kosovo but for the life of me I cannot remember who he is - top, top man. I would love to get in touch with him because I too live in Witney. Love to buy him a pint, or two
  2. Link?

    Any reason you've decided to join just to post that?

    Any further info on the elusive bloke who 'roasted' Cameron, other than you think you know him?

    Fishing for quotes by any chance?
  3. Uh , huh. Busted!
  4. This reminds me, did anybody see that thing about that bloke who did that thing at some point?
  5. Nope, but i heard from someone else who knew someone who was there at the time................................
  6. You've been reading 'Fly Fishing by JR Hartley' haven't you. ;)
  7. rorkesdrift you are King Ceteswayo and I claim my VC.
  8. Maybe he Means James Cameron the director. Maybe he got a roasting for Avatar being a crap movie? Well I journo.sorry don't know!
  9. If I'm absolutely honest, it might have been me who did it, but if pressured I'll deny all knowledge.
  10. No..but I saw someone on the news last night give that fucking Ed Miliband a good tongue lashing, telling him how he's been working his arse off (his words) only to be facing going bankrupt under Miliband's crowd. Milibank just stood there gaping, without offering a reply, useless git.
  11. So are nearly ALL polticians when asked un-scripted questions they should have some stand up type retotre ready for hecklers! :lol:
  12. Er, Ed Milliband is responsible for fcuking up the environment - it's his brother David (Banana man) who pretends to be Foreign Secretary. But if you've got enough bile, you can hate both of them, I do.
  13. No, but I saw him, along with the other bloke, do the other thing a bit later
  14. I didn't, but i will take your word for it and quote you to someone else
  15. Why stop there. I hate all politicians (some more than others admittedly).
    To me the election is not a question of "who do you like" but more along the lines of " if you dont have quite enough bullets, who would you shoot last"?