Cameron's new NHS directive

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by supermatelot, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Cameron has today announce plans for hourly inspections of wards to be carried out by nurses - and also patients and members of the public.N

    Now I'm not a medical professional but I can still see problems with this. I think it's unwise to allow laypeople to have input into areas of work where they are unqualified. I don't consider being a patient, or potential patient as qualification for potentially influencing the workings of a hospital.
    Imagine the carnage if the government allowed us Arrsers to have input on the order of business in a sitting of parliament! I read on an almost daily basis on my local rag's website the ramblings of a few people who think they are the font of all knowledge on whatever subject they've chosen for the month to be outraged about. It's often a damn good example that supports the adage "a little knowledge is dangerous".

    Jarrod, what do you think about these proposals?

    Nurses to make hourly rounds under Cameron plans | Society |
  2. It speaks volumes that,Cameron had to announce any plans for hourly inspections on wards,I can see this affecting the sales of "Take a Break" magazines in hospitals. ;-)
  3. Consensus of my colleagues today is he's a ****. We haven't forgotten the Tories started this rot when they invented NHS trusts.
    How would an hourly ward round of say 30 patients work?
    These medical assessment wards were an over-spill so people weren't waiting on trolley's. It all comes down to low staffing and not enough beds. This all started with Thatcher, she cut staff, cut beds and re-organised and got rid of experienced nurses.
    Wards used to be busy but you'd time to know each patient and feed them if needs be.
    More Tory drivel oh and we'd like our pensions leaving alone and a pay rise one year would be nice.
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  4. A basic premise of good nursing is care,aint happening sunshine,that's why people are going into hospital,and dying!

    "How would an hourly ward round of say 30 patients work?",easy,leave the nursing station (or what ever the current name is for where the nurses seem to congregate),put one foot in front of the other,and visit all the patients,how difficult is that,eh?

    "Wards used to be busy",that implies they aren't now,so how do you fill your time?

    No,I'm not a fan of NHS trusts,but then again I'm not a fan of any "caring" organisation that manages to kill off increasing numbers of its more vulnerable patients,through bad care,and secondary infections!
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  5. Well im glad you know what your talking about,,, NOT
    We obviously kill off our patients because we like nothing better than sitting at the nurse station picking our arses, and mooning over those hunky doctors,
    we also joined the nursing profession because we are all beverley allitt walts.

    the reality is there are multiple factors that impact upon the work we nurses do, at my level (CNS) its paperwork, targets, increasing acuity, patients relatives becoming more demanding, Key performance indicators, policy and procedure and research work.
    Face to face contact is reducing, we are using increasing amount of unqualified staff with jack all experience with managing difficault caseloads. added to this there is then politics both within the nhs and with teh third sector.
    but i would not do any other job, (apart from getting back into green but im to bloody old)
    yeah i bit
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  6. Another ****ing know it all expert!

    When was the last time you worked in a hospital, you horrible little ****?
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  7. More pressure on Nurses so that some fat **** hospital board members can cover their arrse. In the days of the CMH you went in, behaved yourself, were polite to the nurses (especially if they were tidy), and when your visitors came in they behaved too and****ed off when they were told - any failure to comply with the previous resulted in Matron kicking your teeth in. - How the nursing staff must have been dismayed when it was all rolled in to Frimley park
  8. So now a huge African nurse waltzes round every hour screaming

    Yoo mas tik yah pill yoo MAAAAASS tik yuer pill oh de daktar will be very angry man!

    In the name of science!

  9. I dare say I'm a bit older than you,and the question you should have asked is whe was the last time I was a guest of the NHS,and using expletives to emphasise a point,Tut Tut.

    Strange isn't it that when 'Nightingale wards' were the rule in hospitals,up to 50 patients could be looked after by half a dozen nurses,and a Ward Sister,nowadays with these smart little side wards,you seem to need a football team of nurses,and still patients get missed.

    You missed the point of your exsistence as a nurse (if you are one),which is to look after your patients,or have you forgotten that part of your training?
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  10. Bit of a chopper aren't you?
    A ward round for 30 patients would take more than an hour, much more. You work out what the one qualified nurse on a ward will do all day?
    What do you imagine the Doctors will be doing all day?
  11. Those six nurses you mentioned, that'd be great but likely as not they'd have been qualified nurses.

  12. I'm not saying the NHS kills patients deliberately,it happens because of neglect,which is even worse,and if "Face to face contact is reducing" (what an awful phrase),because of paperwork and administration,then kick back against the NHS,and fight for the people who you are supposed to look after,you would get so much public support,you wouldn't believe it!
  13. No you wouldn't whistleblowers get sacked, bullied and harassed. Anyone remember Graham Pink? It's worse now.
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  14. Ah,more insults,I'm a user,that means I've been on the sharp end of the "Caring" NHS,more than once,and I'm not impressed,the last time I was in,to get a shower before my Op,I had to help a nurse move shed loads of comodes out of the shower room,to have a shower.

    What I can say is that every time I was in a BMH,the nursing was a 100% 24/7,maybe I was spoilt,maybe my expectations are to high,but as a user,I think my opinion counts above yours!

    As for the 6 nurses,no not all trained,but it was a BMH (Cambridge Military Hospital,Aldershot),and it was in the 70's !
  15. Has he explained what monitoring, reporting, value-for-money-delivering, accounting-for-every-penny-so-we-know-what-to-cut-next-ing he'd like them to stop doing in order to free up the time?

    If there's one lesson the modern Tories seem incapable of learning it's that if you want something doing then there has to be someone to do it. In this case, either employ more staff to make sure everything they want done can be done or accept that taking existing staff off of one thing means another can't be done. Basic ****ing troops-to-task.

    Did I say he's a **** already? It's usually the first thing I point out...