Camerons Foreign Policy speeches

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Top stuff

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  2. OK, but could do better

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  3. We need to keep countries like Israel and Pakistan onside

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  4. We need a return to the B'Liar years

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  1. What say ye on the shiny new non kiss arse UK Gov attitude?

    Pissed off the Israelis and the Pakistanis in less than a week and made himself Billy's best mates with the Turks and Indians. The boy done good in my books.
  2. Not so keen on the Turks in in the EU (but would be quite happy if they took our place) but otherwise good to see we have a PM who isn't afraid to spell out the truth (or his opinion, delete as appropriate)
    I might not like everything he has to say but at least he has the spine to say it.

    As for the India-Pakistan comments he has made, I am more than a little inclined to agree.
  3. I am warming to the Coalition

    - they are business like
    - they refuse to get into he-say/she say debates on the media with Neue Arbeit has beens
    - they have actively expressed a desirre not to continue to be judged by our performance as a nation 70 years ago
    - they wear ties with suits
    - they aren't a bunch of professional politicians first, last and foremost
    - they dare to be original
    - they are looking at ways to achieve ends which don't involve a government task force going through my litter
  4. I think his comments about the pakistanis are racist.
    Now I've posted that, I've saved MiT, Snoozy and the rest of the usual suspects from posting their usual rants.

    He obviously hate the Turks though, why else would he want them in the EU?
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Relatively impressed. As already said, I also disagree with the Turks coming into the EU, but only while we are still in it. If we are out, then they're welcome to it.

    Loving the love-in with India and his comments on Pakistan. I am looking forward to an extension of this new foreign policy drive to include a complete root-and-branch reappraisal of just what it is we do or don't do with the US as well as the EU.

    Britain first.
  6. It's good stuff. Annoying if you're a Tory hater but credit where credit's due.
  7. Stop it! Stop it now!

    People are starting to agree with each other, and I won't have it, you hear!
  8. I'll reserve opinion until I've seen what the fallout will be. Judging by the amount of running around Hague was doing on the news over the last few nights, I imagine he's having a few nightmares.

    On general principle I think a break with the past a good thing, just so long as he's not breaking just to hear the smash.
  9. What a refreshing change, a British PM that puts British interests first, not one who's trying to balance the opinion of his Washington masters with Guardian reading, man-bag carrying , Prius driving, Waitrose shopping *****.
  10. Hear hear, quite right!

    Oh, sorry.....
  11. At long last someone with a big enough set to say the things that needed to be said,let's hope they're big enough to follow through.
  12. Promoting UK plc abroad is spot on. Choosing India is a shrewd move because in world terms we may have a little more leverage than with the other emerging super-power, China. In regional terms it reminds Pakistan to play a straight bat.
    If talking to Turkey keeps the secular spirit of Ataturk alive for a little longer then so be it. European foreign policy towards Turkey has done the West no favours.

  13. Oi! I shop in Waitrose... the meat is of far better quality.

    Back on thread: it's so refreshing it's almost surreal. I'm loving it myself.
  14. I appluad the fact that the PM appears to have the moral courage to say what he thinks and not worry about upsetting somebody.

    I hope that he has the courage of his convictions to make good on his promises.

    He might not always be right, but at least he is trying to do what he believes to be right.