Cameron's cheap alchohol tax.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Might I point the gentleman to the levels of Excise duty on tobacco products, the requirement for health warnings on tobacco products and the fact that tobacco products may no longer be displayed?
  2. It's not a tax tho' is it? They are planning that the minimum retail price has to be fixed at a minimum of 45p per alcoholic unit which in real terms will have very little effect considering say a pint of beer at 4% costs more than £1.80 anyway.
  3. Could be an excellent time to consider investing in opening a home brew shop
  4. no
  5. even a can falls below this
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I assume DC's Lib 'allies' will demend an increase in 'benefits' so that the recipients are not priced out of three litre plastic bottles of cider.
  7. Should've been done ages ago. Ask the police and ambulance bods how much of their time is taken up by drink related shennanigans. If a tenth of the people who stagger around town centres on saturday nights can't afford to get blind drunk as a result of this it'll save us money and make the world a nicer place.
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  8. The only people it will realistically have effect on will be those whose sole criteria for alcohol is getting pissed as cheaply as possible.

    Mind you, with his great wealth, Ord_Sgt will be just fine.
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  9. If you cannot afford to pay 45pence a unit or you pallet doesn't allow you to discern that you are drinking such shite - you have no business drinking!
  10. It's only mega cheap brands/offers that will be affected. Pubs/nightclubs/restaurant prices already well over that.
  11. Well it has raised questions in Scotland since being passed last May. Once more, the EU have stepped in and have said it woud be illegal!!

    Also, drink like Buckfast is exempt as it is a "tonic"...and therefore the minimum pricing has totally missed the mark.
  12. If you read the article he is trying to say that its all about a health crisis. That is just bollox.
  13. 20 cans of Strongbow normally costs me £12-14 at the supermarket.
    I'll not pay them I'll just make my own or buy from abroad.
  14. Not really. For example, a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka has 40 units. So a litre at this new rate will be £18.00. Currently on offer at supermarkets at £15 so they will no longer be allowed these offers. The cheap stuff will be a thing of the past because why would you buy a bottle of "Cheap Russian Vodka made in China" when you can get the premium brand for the same price? However, for a 70cl bottle of wine, the minimum price would be £4.05 so those "Cheapo Spanish Plonko" or "Der Deutsche Hock" so beloved by the Co-op will go up about a quid a bottle. Decent wine will stay be expensive (so saying, just bought 6 bottles of Rioja Reserva at our local shop at €1.69 a bottle - same brand in UK is £8.99 on special offer at a well known wine store at the moment).
    For beer, which often contains 1.8 units per can, supermarkets have many offers at 24 for £10. The new rule, if it comes in, will mean that will be nearly £20 minimum. Watch the amount of smuggled booze and counterfeit liquor suddenly flooding the market if this does come in.