Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Busterdog, Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. I heard a story once that the Cameronians when stationed in Germany just after WW2 had a battle with a Russian unit that almost created an international incident. Apparently the Soviets pushed the envelope, as they often did in those immediate post war years before boundaries were established, and the Cams (being what they were) pushed right back.

    I have often heard it alluded to though nothing concrete. Seems the incident was quickly hushed up. Any one have any information?
  2. I was stationed in Minden in the 70's and the locals remembered the Second battle of Minden.
    The story goes like this ish.
    A jock was stabbed by a taxi driver whilst out down town. Next day following work the RSM parades all the jocks on the square, St Georges Brks and leads them down town to sort out the locals.
    Our clerk an elderly German lady who had worked for the Brit mil since 46 said it was terrible. they where 'kicking' babies out of prams and all males where smacked.
    there was a full scale riot down in the town centre and MP from all over BAOR where sent.
    The battalion was confined to camp until quick posting was arrainged and a couple of jocks where said to have been caught pouring fertilizer into the town water supply hence the Poision Dwarf nickname.
    Disbanded in 68. I served with an old sgt from the battalion in Belize in 78 and he was very proud of their actions on the day.
  3. The only story I know about that regiment is the one about the WW2 Burma campaign - senior doctor at formation HQ receives signal from some unit MO saying 'Have two cases dengue. Request disposal instructions.' and signalled back 'Try the Cameronians Sgts' Mess - they'll drink anything.'

    As they say, I'll get my coat ...
  4. I don't think they were actually "disbanded" In a round of Regiment amalgamations they chose not to be amalgamated, and I think they were placed in "suspended animation"
  5. OK, sort of within topic.

    What colour head dress did the Cameronians wear? Was the Glengarry standard dark blue, rifle green, or black? toorie same colour as cap?
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I thought they became the Queens own Highlanders?
  7. Jonwilly wrote
    My recollection is that the general conduct over a period of time by the soldiers led to increasing hostility between the civvies and them. The locals had a swear word which translated as poison dwarf and they allied this to the (smallish) jocks. The squaddies learned the phrase in german and anyone using it in their hearing qualified for a good bashing. Don't now recall the reference to town water supply. Sure, it attracted great interest at the time. Larry Adler (harmonica player) got in on he act and said problem was that squaddies could not speak german (yea - really?) and the army started the german language lab courses.
  8. It was an all-black glengarry, including the little bobble on top. Otherwise, it was a standard ToS with a black hackle. Tartan was Douglas, and the most visually distinctive thing about their uniform was the officers' Sam Browne belts; worn with two shoulder straps, crossed at the back, but uncrossed at the front. Sort of a cross between Rifle Brigade and Lowland Brigade, unsurprisingly.

    Can't tell some of my best friends were Cameronian, can you?

    Diana Henderson's book on the Scottish Regiments has a good section on them.

    PS The regular battalion went in 1968, most soldiers went to RS and KOSB; the two TA companies remained until the 1990s - D Coy 1/52 went with options (gun club got their TAC in Hamilton), No.4 Coy 2/52 in Motherwell eventually got rebadged KOSB in the late 1990s, with that location drawn down to platoon size under SDR.

    There's still one officer (or was until recently) wandering around wearing a black hackle. And a few soldiers with a Douglas patch under the Leslie patch on their ToS.......
  9. Thank-you Gravelbelly. So the standard TOS was black hackle only, or tartan patch and black hackle?
  10. This is fact. my father was in the Cameronians and told me this.

    As well as the hackle all of their badges and buttons on No2's/Service Dress were black.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    OK no disputing first hand knowledge, but where did the Queens own Highlanders come from?
  12. That's because of the Rifles lineage...........they didnt have colours either
  13. They came from the amalgamation of the Queens own Cameron Highlanders and Seaforth Highlanders
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ta much.
  15. Tartan patch as well as black hackle - see my earlier comment on "Douglas patch under their Leslie patch".....