Cameron yet again fails to understand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Robbeaus, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. The news this am is the new Royal Charter for press regulation (webby link, absolutly on every news outlet so look for your own or wait for the news at 6).

    Call me Dave steps forwards and makes a right hash of what was agreed last night between the three party leaders. Crying in his milk, bricking it that he might upset Murdo, and never get to ride the flame hair'd wench again, or at least a horse. Claims that there is no legislation connected to the new royal charter with Levison, except ... Wait for it... Which is exactly what he agreed with the other two last night. A slight change in the rules to enable their to be a 2/3rds majority in both houses, to change royal charters instead of the normal majority as is the case at the moment.

    Remind me again why people tried to vote this muppet in, in 2010?
  2. Because the other muppets were so god awful that anything was better...
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  3. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Ball, the Milliband Brothers, Harriet Harman, how long a list do you want?
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  4. BuggerAll

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    I agree with Cameron. Regulating the press is a very dangerous step to take. We have a relatively benign government at the moment who probably wouldn't be inclined to misuse use censorship powers but cast your mind back into our recent past. Before May 2010 we had a government that was only too keen to use powers brought in for one thing to crack down on things they did not like.

    Don't like being heckled at party conference - use anti-terror powers. The front bench of the Labour Party were all part of the worst government this country has ever had and they've all got form. You can see the same thinking in thier cronies in festung-Europa were they want to make it a crime to 'diss' the EU.

    Freedom of speech - freedom of the press is far too important to be sacrificed - that said any normal person would want to censor the OPs usual ramblings.
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  5. 100pc this.

    I concur that Press Regulation is something that needs to be very carefully considered. It's true that NI have brought most of this shit on themselves but a free and unshackled Press is a tenet of a free and democratic society.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Yes, no PM would ever misuse such powers....
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  7. Absolutely no idea.

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  8. True, but it does seem a pity that so many of the press seem to be willing to roll in the gutter for headlines.

    A few more proper investigative journalists could restore my faith in the press as a bulwark of an otherwise unchecked executive in the this country.

    And yes, I do take the point that it was The Guardian (IIRR) not the police that stopped the phone hacking - as prats like Yates (and more so Hayman) were in the gutter press up to their scrawny necks. Which is a comment on the lack of leadership in the police and the press really.

    All should be the in the dock quite frankly, cleanse the stables properly once and for all.
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  9. Leveson aside, those cynical members amongst us might wonder if there is a perhaps a link between the Gubment's sudden need to muzzle the press and the long running press fed shit storm about MP's expenses, the gift which keeps on giving?
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  10. It wouldn't be beyond possibility for the press to seed stories to political blogs then "discover" them shortly afterwards. ..

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  11. The press actions against victims of crime and celebs won't change they will just get more stealthy.
    politicians will use this for their own ends.

    As for this "shower of muppits". I wonder what would have happened if Labour had a majority or had formed a pact with the Libs.
    Would we have had another election sooner with a more focused and better led Tory party winning an overall majority?
  12. This is little more than revenge against the press for spilling the beans over MP's expenses and for the, as labour sees it, the betrayal of the press in deserting they're support for Brown's government. There's much to be afraid of if this censorship bill passes. We will never hear about any failures by the government and people like Damian McBride must be rubbing they're hands with glee at the thought of such a weapon to use during the next labour government.

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  13. The only folks who would benefit from a docile and compliant press are the very people who we need the press to watch. And yes, that does include oiks like the slimy Hugh Grant and hypocrite Steve Coogan. When they make their money on their 'family' friendly image.
    ALL Politicians need to be watched extremely carefully anyway.
    So that just leaves the unfortunate casualties of this particular war. The Milly Dowlers. So obviously there needs to be some sort of assurance that that can never happen again. But stifle a free and generally good press NO.

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  14. It is a pity that the police don't go after corrupt politians or so called celebs with the same zeal they've shown to going after the press, we couldn't build prisons fast enough if they did.

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  15. Its also a pity that the police aren't vigorously seeking out the corrupt policemen in their midst, who have made fortunes by selling information on to newspapers. It takes 2 to tango!