Cameron woos Tory Right with call to curb ethnic language

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Seems the tory leadership contest is warming up again.

    Has anyone noticed that since the bombings in london, people have finally had the balls to say in public their misgivings about the multiculturalism model they previously only dared to share behind closed doors. This can only be a good thing

  2. Ah, another populist rant from the Tories. If they want to get elected they HAVE to build a coherent political platorm and not just dance around issues in a manner that panders to the most base instincts of Daily Mail and Express readers (who they already have on side). They seem to be taking their cue from the US Republicans in this sense (the presidential election being a referendum on gay marriage- not the war, tort reform, social security, the economy or anything else that actually matters). Where this strategy goes wrong in the UK is that there is no real base of nutty puritans shoring up their support. We've all seen what happens when the church gets involved in politics in the UK.

    I must admit to voting Labour but I'm not a loyalist. The sad fact is that since the early 1990s, they are the only ones that even look like they might be capable of governing instead of tearing themselves to pieces.
  3. Could some one please define what British National Life is ?

    I am not being funny at all but its all well and nice for politicians to blather on about concepts such as British 'national life' and British 'national culture' and then not explain what they mean by these terms. If you take the popular tabloid concepts of what it is to be British does that mean for example: that you have to go to a night club or bar in the city centre every weekend in ill fitting clothers, binge drink till you puke, get thrown out of said night club and then have a fight in the streets and then top the night off by picked up by the police? :?

    Confused in Suburbia.

    P.S. If the Tories do pick Cameron then its another generation in opposition.
  4. Thing is mate, this is no longer dancing to the tune of the daily mail and express. Since the bombings, popular attitudes have changed and our general avoidance of confronting the issue of multicultrualism has been dealt a severe blow. People are now sitting up and paying attention to the mess that successive govts has made over the last decade or so (especially labour in the last 8yrs)

    I have to agree that it does seem like pandering to current mood, but hopefull he will stand by his word.
  5. Castlereagh,
    I fear that the Tories are already condemned to another decade in the political wilderness not just through their inability to field a convincing, charismatic and credible leader but also threough their inability to present a coherent political agenda that will be acceptable and attractive to the majority. If one accepts that the Conservatives will be in exile for the next two terms, I would like to think that they can remedy their shortfalls: no matter how great the public disillusion with the present government (and it ain't that great yet by any stretch of the imagination) there has to be a viable alternative. As far as I can see, the most credible opposition in the UK comes from the media - something of a condemnation in itself. And until we regain something approaching a credible opposition we will slide closer to a one party state where increasingly Draconian measures, which would have been the cause of screams of "oppression" and "anti-libertarian" were the present Government still in opposition, can be imposed by the Home Sec with scarce a whisper of dissent (in case there is a knock on the door at 0300?)
  6. Cameron is a dripping wet, wannabe Neu Arbeit fanboy.

    If either he or fatty Clarke win the leadership I'm never voting Conservative ever again. So there.

    Cameron only brought this issue up in his speech to build bridges with the pro-Davis Right within the party. Nothing a Tory says between now and the conclusion of the leadership contest should be seen in any other context.

  7. I agree the Tories don't know what they stand for anymore. Under Howard and Hague they tried to move to the left and then returned to the right and failed electorally because there policies did not appeal to the wider public and the public were confused as they were. The other problem as typified by the above Cameron speech is that they are quite good at producing rhetoric but once you ask them what they mean they respons with 'ums and ahs'. They need a visionary ideologue who can tell them what to believe and say, but they have to be consistent with their message for it takes time for the public to get the message so to speak.

    They also need a leader who will appeal to the public - policy oinks like Hague or hard men like Howard do not appeal in comparison to genial family men like Blair. I think that’s why the only Tories who do have a chance are either:

    David Davis - Media Friendly Genial Family Man who seems a strong figure but he needs to decide what he actually stands for as he may actually not even live up to the standards that some of his more right winged supporters expect.

    Kenneth Clarke - A strong, consistent politician who the public could actually like. He also is not a leftie by any terms people seem to forget the policies he implemented and championed.
    Europe as an issue is over for now and Clark could be reconciled with the Eurosceptics.
    The media will make a hoo-ha over Clarke’s age but I believe they are actually behind the public who I believe who now tend to favour experience over youthful professional politicians.
  8. I think being able to speak, read and write English is a pretty good start. If you want Israeli nationality you have to learn Hebrew, similarly English for US and Australian citizenship. You'd think that this point really is a no brainer - in which case why is the CBI complaining about the standard of English and maths in British school leavers!
  9. Agreed on Tory speeches, but Ken Clarke is one of the few realistic contenders - feck it, the only realistic contender - who'd win my vote back. David Davis makes my skin crawl.

    Cameron is good, but electing him would be like drinking a fine wine in the year it was bottled. You obliterate the chance of an awesome experience fifteen years down the line.

  10. See now, that's what his opponents have been trying to portray him as! A soggy liberal Cabbage, but i have my doubts. I think there is some guts in there someweher, he just needs to find them though!

    My money is still on David Davis! :D
  11. Again? You fascist.

    Cameron is another media-savvy yes-man like Blair. Clarke is an experienced man who knows what makes people tick and understands international and domestic politics, economics and how westminster works. Let's just accept that old-fashioned politicians, though sleazy, are far better than those eejits who are obsessed with relating with the public (then get corrupted within about 5 pico-seconds).
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I believe Clarke is the man for the job. The Tories might not be in opposition now had they elected him in 97. He has the experience and charisma to get the voters behind the Tories again. If they vote in another idiot like Haig or IDS they will lose another term of office at least. If that tw@t Brown is going to become PM then at least Clarke has the credibility of being a successful former chancellor and can beat brown with that stick "I left you a great economy and look what a fcuking mess you've made of it".