Cameron wins

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fozzy, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Blair Plan C
  2. Time will tell
  3. Yay, Another tory who won't be a Prime Minister
  4. Madness (that's if you're of a conservative persuasion - intentional small 'c').

    Cameron will ensure that the Conservative and Unionist Party will fail to get elected next time around. He appears to me to be completely without substance and I don't believe he will be able to 'govern' his own shadow cabinet let alone the backbenchers.

    The Tories have gone into self-destruct!
  5. So it'll be spendaholic Brown in the PM seat in three odd years....great, can't wait....
  6. Seems to be general disapproval on here. Fair enough, but who else would do better? I doubt if David Davis would. He's not all that bright after all.
  7. I think better him than Davies!!!

    At the end of the day, I could vote for him over labour. To be fair, the government standards are prettly low so he couldn't do much worse!
  8. Now that's grounds for a discussion on it's own.

    We need an Alf Garnet/Maggie Thatcher/Churchill mix....of the right wing variety....any takers?
  9. That wouldn't be so bad if any of it was spent on things more useful than 'fruit and vegetable diversity co-ordinator for East Sheffield' or various other guardian advertised positions. Like higher education. ME, ME, SPEND IT ON ME! Oh hang on i'll be graduated by then. NO, LOWER TAXES, MUST HAVE LOWER TAXES!! :D
  10. Jim Davidson?
  11. The 'I was brought up on a council estate' approach didn't help Davis in the end. I believe Cameron should take note: continually dismissing his Etonian background won't make him any more popular with the Burberry-wearing section of the electorate. Why not say 'Yes, I went to Eton. What of it?' He's got a few years in opposition to weather it out.

    Surely better that than put on a populast front (no, not the Tooting one) that is false and would be found out sooner or later?
  12. Give him a chance. Part of the long-term ambitions of the Conservative Party may be to have a leader in opposition who can unify the party and give it direction, until the time comes to put William Hague into the hotseat for a General Election against a further discredited Labour Party.
  13. New New Labour. "...a modern compassionate Conservatism..." "...vowed to support government (NuLab) policies with which he agreed..."

    Those who elected him over Davis have made a dreadful mistake, and, like others here, I believe they've made the Conservatives unelectable again. Anyone who witters about 'modernising' anything, particularly their principles, needs ditching.
  14. Hear, hear! I don't think anyone else in the campaign was identified by the school to which they went, and I fail to see the relevance. Do Nelson Mandela Comprehensive School or Manchester Grammar carry less of a stigma, and if so: why?

    It seems me that this is yet another piece of inverted snobbery by the chattering classes - the sort who put on fake regional accents to gain credibility.

    If it is wrong to look down on one kind of school or accent, then surely it is wrong to look down on any. When did "posh" become a term of abuse?

    Rant over - over.