Cameron: where is he now?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Lockheed Martin, announcing (again) the contract award for the Warrior upgrades
  2. Well if he had any sense he'd be thinking about making a coalition with the tories!
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  3. Is that giving them a t-cut and emptying the ash trays?
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  4. He is really starting to sound like Blair - using the "Look ........" meaning " you are all stupid and I'm right".

    He was weakened last night and the only thing good to come out of it is that the 1922 committee might start thinking about a challenger, the night just got darker for CMD and all around him is the glistening of sharpened knives.

    Tom's in the background look completely disinterested - was this filmed just prior to the NAAFI break.
  5. Quite possibly during, timing being everything.
  6. Oh i do love it when the Nazis fall apart
    First Foxy Foxy, now cams just give me the threepenny bit sucker and I'll have a full house
  7. 4 very bored lads and a very shiny warrior.
  8. Quote "Cameron" blah blah, not wanting to sweep things under carpet, blah, blah, Tackle big issues facing Britain blah blah ad nauseum !

    Once again this vapid nonentity, is doing nothing to help his OWN country by continuing to piss yet more £billions into the corrupt black hole, the EU! Pouring yet more billions into the pockets of corrupt third world dictators by failing to halt the overseas aid, failing to halt the tsunami of immigration that is swamping our NHS, education, housing & welfare systems by systematic abuses, whilst cutting back on defence & policing which will be needed more than ever in the near future as our country slips towards virtual anarchy where gangs & protestors increasingly treat our laws with contempt!
    In the rare event of any of the scrotes finding themselves in a court, finding slimy vulturine lawyers to defend them (at our expense) who use all the "yumin rites" legislation that results in a risible sentence of community service at worst!
    The spineless Cameron is turning into another Blair, and look what he did for us!
  9. Silly old me but I tought democracy was supposed to be all about the will of the people. So given a chance to ask the people what they think about a very serious matter, there really should be no question of if a referendum is right. I accept you cant govern by constant referendums(i?) but this was a big ticket oportunity to demonstrate that we genuinely do live in a democracy. Any politician who voted against should be voted out at the next election - regardless of the colour of their tie.
  10. Because they are all the same. Lying, spineless, out-of-touch, greedy scum.

    I can't honestly understand how people thought anything would be different under this prick.

    You really do vote for the 'lesser-of-the-evils', pity they're all as bad as each other.
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  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Time for another e-petition.

    "Liars, cheats and cowards should not be allowed to serve as MP's."

    Thats made some office space then.
  12. What I found rich was that ALL 3 parties employed a three line whip to ensure the vote would not go through. Millipede is another Euro poodle, Clegg always has been as he is scared of losing his EU pension if he rubbishes them (just like Lord and Lady Pillock and Mandelson) but Cam was supposed to be championing the UK. Whatta load of b###s. He's now come through as another Euro schmuck who likes grandstanding but will do sweet FA for the rest of us. Don't know if he'll last till 2015 but I do know that the next election will be a shower as there's no b####r to vote for to represent UK.
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  13. Very true, this is why the actual % of people bothering to vote is dropping from between 70% to 80% from WW2 to 1997! It had a massive drop in 2001 to 59% and the last 2 elections only managed 61% in 2005 & 65% in 2010! I am sure its because people are realising that no matter which bunch of professional, self serving, corrupt inadequates get voted in, they will not adhere to the empty election promises or heed the electorates wishes but continue to ruin the country whilst lining their own pockets!
    The time has come for swingeing reforms to our electoral system, where the professional politicians (those who have never had any REAL employment outside of politics are barred from becoming MP's! Any Potential MP must have a cv which shows AT LEAST 10 to 15 years WORKING in either commerce, industry, armed forces etc where he has shown some abilities to progress & paid full taxes! No more Politcal apprenticeships as research assisstants or party hacks. This should ensure we get Politicians who are in touch with the real world and have seen/experienced what concerns the man in the street rather than those who only see/hear what their political parties tell them!!

    Tutor2u - low voter turnout - a threat to democracy in the uk?