Cameron warns NATO of "last chance to succeed in A-stan"


The Tory leader said the extra troops pledged by the US, Britain and other allies offered an opportunity, but cautioned that the public's patience was running out.
Seriously? F*CK the public I say. We're over there for a reason, not to keep newspaper sales up. If WWII had a timetable to be finished by before people got a little bit bored with all the warring, etc. then we'd all be speaking German and wearing lederhosen. Mind you our woman would be fitter! (I joke) And as for these fatalistic and weak willed politicians...don't even get me started!!


All aboard the rage bus! :wink:


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Another last chance? They just keep piling up...
Has he actually told anyone what he thinks 'succeed' will look like or is he just like all the rest?
ash_p said:
Seriously? F*CK the public I say. We're over there for a reason, not to keep newspaper sales up.
Is that the public who pay our wages and elect the Government who decides what happens to us... 8O
I don't mean disregard them entirely, as technically they are the ones the Forces are 'fighting for', but really, it is hardly up to them to decide, once a war has started, how and when it will end. Given the nature of the current war in the sandpit, you can't very well put an end-date on it and expect Terry to go along with it!
What are you guys talking about? If we are to succeed in AFG then a number of different elements need to come together. Only only one part is the issue of public support. More importantly is the outright support of the (currently) elected government. So far that has been lacking in all areas. for example: if Barack Obama can meet a repatriation flight, bringing in the dead then why can't Gordon? It's not a question of politics but one of government.
Slightly off topic but does shaving half your moustache off mean anything in particular.

The only reason I ask is that the Sun has a picture of Dave and the two soldiers on the left of the picture appear to be missing half their moustaches. It could of course be q trick of the light . . . .

Any captions/speech bubbles gratefully receieved. I wracking my brains as I write this.

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