Cameron Visits the Black Watch

On the BBC news yesterday I saw footage of Cameron at the Black Watch barracks.

Two soldiers, NCOs, were on parade in kilts & blue shirts. They had rifles, with bayonets fixed, on their shoulders, at the slope arms.

However rather than their left hand supporting the rifle butt, both soldiers were stood there with their right hands holding it up, as if they were saluting but with the left hand straight down their sides......what drill position is this?
The my left arm is going to fall off position , Its in the drill manual honest :D
"Cameron Visits the Black Watch"

There is a joke in there somewhere!

As for Blond Guy, there are loads of arcane drill movements that are knocked out occasionally.

My CSM at the Factory taught us a ton of them in prep for The Lord Mayors Parade, including Present Arms at the Quick March, Port Arms for Inspection at the Quick March etc etc.

Having said that I can't really visualise what you are trying to describe. Was the wpn at the slope or bolt upright in the present?
It was at the slope....

So the rifle was rested on the left shoulder.

Except instead of the left arm being used to support it, the left arm was straight at their sides, clenched as if they were at attention.

Instead the right hand was reaching over and holding it there, as if they were starting a change arms or some such.....just with no left hand at all.

It's definitely odd, so your best bet is to get an answer from a drill pig. It might be worth asking in the Inf forum with a better title like "Name This Strange Drill Movement", they aren't always the most cerebral chaps in The Foot Guards! :p

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