Cameron "Victory" tour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Cameron is in London somewhere congratulating succesful Tory candidates. Obviously Dave is looking all current, with it and relax having a shirt with the top button undone, vote for him just one that!!!

    However, the real reason for this post are the succesful candidates - It's the offensive chin convention. They're stereotypically large (or no) chinned, teeth that could eat an apple through a letterbox and grinning liked demented aristocrats.

    Finally Cameron apparently ran a positive campaign. Focusing on Labour sleaze, demanding resignations and attacking Tony Blair in the commons is apparently "positive politics"
  2. It's not about how good Cameron's campaign was. It's primarily how bad the Labour cnuts are that gave it away to the Tories.
  3. Agreed!! Labour gained a lot of their voters from disillussioned Tory voters, the Tories have taken them back. labour can be as smug as they like about keeping most councils up North but that is because the people in those areas would rather shoot their own children than vote Tory.
  4. Opposition parties do not win elections, governments lose them.
  5. They said the same thing about Dunfermline. But one candidate actually listened to what the electorate were moaning about, and based his campaign solely around that.

    It's not impossible, but it goes back to the core of any discussion on CA this morning.

    Are the main parties out of touch with the electorate?
  6. Damn! I was about to type that!
  7. Yes, but they voted in the only real alternative to Labour (at least in Scotland), the bloody SNP!!! 8O
  8. Last time I did a Victory tour it was in Portsmouth.

    Have they moved it?

    Isn't Dunfermline a type of ointment?

    So many questions, shame I don't have the answers.

    Oh well that's politics.
  9. Victory tour,yes like Accrington Stanley. A long way from being a Premier.
  10. But at least they are on their way up again.

    Unlike Bliar.
  11. A long way to travel,by the time they get there it will be the Rainbow Party. Blue, Green every colour you've ever seen.
  12. For someone who says he's not really aligned to any party Crabby, you seem to have all the Labour party chips.

    People are starting to vote something else because they are slowly realising what New Labour is all about. You can thank God that the opposition parties are inept otherwise Neue Arbeit would have been consigned to whichever scrapyard they belong a long time ago.
  13. True but it's still better than profuse sweating.
  14. Seems more Tory voters got off their collective arses and drove to the polling station,than had managed before.Labour vote was the same as last time.
  15. Mistersoft, thought Dave looked a bit sweaty in Hammersmith, he was a bit perplexed sky reporter didn't ask a question. Also see he's being filmed walking now not riding his bike,wonder why?