Cameron to insist on women-only shortlists.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Monty417, Oct 21, 2009.

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    In the news today, but I haven't seen this anywhere on ARRSE so maybe there there is no interest, but do we really need more women MPs? If so, is direct discrimination the only way to get them? I feel uncomfortable with this, it has an essence of N.Labour spin about it. I do hope we are not getting another Bliar.
  2. New, New labour! whatever happened to MERIT?
  3. No such thing because everybody has a right to succeed no matter how shit they really are. There are no losers any more
  4. Not that I intended to vote for them (unless there was a likelihood of a hung parliament) defo not getting my vote now - completely and utterly undemocratic. Looks to me like CMD is gonna blow it big style. Lab are clawing their way back up the popularity stakes and Cameron comes out with this pile of turd!
  5. Yes there are losers from this kind of bollox. They are called the long suffering and much abused electorate. ie us.
    The same kind of bollox that gave us Jaqcui Smith as Home Secretary :evil:
    Positions of power should be achieved purely on merit regardless of colour, sex or religion. Has Cameron learnt nothing from the last 12 years of mis-governance?
  6. This is a worry. I wouldn't like to be represented by the best of a short list of either sex, if it meant that better and more able people of the opposite sex had been excluded on these grounds
  7. Start of the slippery slope to the last 12 years IMHO
  8. If he is bringing it in he will be making a big mistake. Promote on merit
  9. He strikes me as another grinning spiv.

    I am not impressed by any of the current crop of under-achievers.
    If they'd ever done a days work it would be a starting point.

    The GE is going to cause me a severe problem.

    Buggered if you do, buggered if you don't.
  10. Mistake, big mistake! (I am the most pro women person on Earth, but...)

    Sounds like a burst of 'Sound Bite Dave' to me.

    Ann Widdicombe is correct when she says words to the effect: 'get into the Commons on your own merits not your gender'. I would add: '... nor your ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation'.
  11. Hmm I misread the title of this thread and thought it referred to female dwarves.
  12. I don't belong to a political party so I play no part in the selection of candidates. Each party will put up their candidate as well as independents and others. I will then look at the merits of each candidate and vote for the one who I feel will do the best job.
    If the Tory candidate is not up to scratch because they restricted the list then more fool them, they wont get my vote. I don't care what gender my MP is I just care that they do the best job they are capable of without dipping their snout in the trough.
  13. Posties?
  14. Own goal I fear! This is the worst of Labour concepts being adopted by the Conservatives. FFS will these people stop all trying so hard to occupy the middle ground. At this rate I might end up voting BNP as a protest vote!